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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


November 2, 2004

Recently "downloaded" the following simple guidance for someone and will share it here: "Get knowledge. Never stop studying and learning--especially about those with whom you disagree. Out of knowledge comes wisdom and the ability to make wise decisions. Know. Know. Know. What is belief but lack of knowledge? Blind faith will serve you little. Knowledge will serve you well. Above all, know yourself."

Since I "jumped off the cliff and began to fly" back in 1990, I have transmitted guidance from angels/light beings/etc. for many, many people. I have also expanded my consciousness into my own multidimensional soul self and taught those seeking guidance and input. Then there's that current level, current time knowledge gained (this lifetime) that can be useful to others, too. I have been told several times over the years that I should be writing books about my experiences. Oh, well! Anything I could write, another "lightworker" has probably already written. The stories I could tell! For example, once I was staying over after a gathering of freedom-lovers had ended and found myself chatting with a senior citizen who had extreme knee pain and could not walk without leaning onto her husband as she came from their car into the house. When I am offering service to someone, I try to speak in words they will relate to and accept. I asked the woman, "Would you like me to lay hands on your knee?" She said, "Yes." So I held my hand close to her knee, without touching, as we chatted on about unrelated matters. When her husband was ready to leave, she got up easily from the sofa (which surprised her greatly) and walked by herself to the car. I didn't do anything but serve as a conduit, an instrument of healing for this woman. If her body, in its higher wisdom, had decided that the energy coming in was needed more in another part of her body (perhaps for some hidden dis-ease), we would have not seen such dramatic results.

In the 1990s, at a time when I was without an automobile, I was on a DART bus when I noticed that the driver was nodding as if he was falling asleep, and the bus was going far too fast, etc. Some other passengers had noticed and began to get looks of alarm on their faces. I consciously and intentionally, from my position directly behind the driver, directed energy to him. When he became more alert and the bus slowed down, I stopped. As I began to depart the bus, the driver said to me: "Thank you." Somehow, he knew who the energy was coming through. Another bus story: Once when I was sitting on the bus on a seat that faced another seat, I began to feel a strong energy flowing through me. That wasn't the first time it had happened, so I was not surprised. I just wondered who it was going to. As I got off my seat to depart the bus, a man sitting across from me reached out to try to stop me. He was so embarrassed and withdrew his hand quickly. It was then that I knew who had been getting the energy.

There are times when I experience what is termed an "overlay" of a being of high vibration, usually an angel. When that happens, I feel myself begin to tingle and glow. One year, I traded volunteering at a 3-day conference for full tuition. I was only required to work one-half day, and was assigned to the table where the tapes and books of the MC and musicians were being sold. As it turned out, I found I was benefiting more and doing more good by being at that table instead of in the conference room, and I only left the table for one session or to take care of my body's needs. The light energy flowing into/from/through my body became quite strong, and there was so much that it felt almost like I was on fire. So many people came up to that table to talk and ask for hugs, some more than once. I was told later that over 300 people had registered. Seemed to me that two-thirds of them had been to that table! After the conference ended, the light energy began to dissipate gradually. However, a couple of days after the conference, I went to a quickie place that I had been to before to give my car an oil change. When one of the employees walked out to greet me, he turned around and began talking to me with his back to me. Why? Because the light energy was too much for the darkness that was in him. The manager of the facility then came out and was able to face me, but I noticed he was a little uncomfortable with the light.

This is not to say that the light with me is always that strong, or that such a powerful light being is always with me. No, quite the contrary! It is the exception rather than the rule--for many reasons.


Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator