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Monday, September 26, 2005


September 26, 2005

Before I officially began my Love Work in 1990 (having been unofficial previously), I was given information by various intuitives about my mission, including: "You are here as an incredible healer." "You are truly an ambassador for God." "You will have a wonderful ministry."

The primary focus of my Love Work/ministry has always been serving as a Divine healing instrument, and it still is--whether it be channeling Healing Love Energy; restoring the integrity of the body-mind unit by releasing illegal entities/ unwanted guests/ attached spirits; clearing imprints and removing implants from the etheric body; clearing and cleansing the energy field; recharging/energizing; clearing negative patterns/programs. Add to that: teaching people methods to establish and maintain a strong spiritual connection and to heal themselves; transmitting Divine guidance to those who are seeking healing of one or more areas of their lives. And there's more!

I subscribe to the "trickle down" theory of healing. Behind every physical symptom is an underlying cause--usually in the spiritual/ethereal body. The status of the spirit determines/establishes the state of the mind, and the thoughts create the emotions--without fail. It has been proven that certain types of emotions (both repressed and expressed) are directly related to certain physical diseases. If someone comes to me with a physical complaint, I can focus strictly on that without exploring causes at various levels if I am Divinely inspired to do so, but normally we begin by searching for root cause using various techniques. Many times my "unseen crew" is doing other work simultaneously. For example, once I received a call from a man who wanted to establish a spiritual connection. At the time, he was receiving a disabilty check temporarily because of a work injury involving his back and was experiencing discomfort and pain despite medication. As I was guiding him through a meditation process, I became aware that in another time-space (on another level), he was lying on his belly on a table and a group of light beings (my unseen crew) were working on his back. I continued to witness that for some time during our session.

When the process I guided was complete, the man arose to a sitting position, grabbed his back, and exclaimed with a look of wonder on his face, "What happened? My back! My back doesn't hurt anymore." And then dismay took over, and he said, "Oh, no! Now I'll have to go back to work!" You can guess what happened: He rejected the healing and took back the dis-ease. He eventually had physical back surgery performed by medical doctors.

Channeling Healing Love Energy, I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. My ministry/Love Work is supported by some of those I assist and by others who want to donate on behalf of those who are unable to do so.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator