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Saturday, November 26, 2005


November 26, 2005

At one of the homes I have lodged in this year, my hostess had a little booklet containing several of Oprah's "What I Know For Sure" columns from her "O" magazine. I really admire Oprah Winfrey, and I was particularly inspired by one of the columns in which she writes about success. Her all-time favorite quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is: "Everyone has the power for greatness--not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service." According to Oprah, as far back as she can recall, her prayer has been the same: "Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself." Those who know me fairly well can understand why I admire Oprah so much!

In this particular column, Oprah mentions that James Hillman, in his book, The Soul's Code(which I have read and may have in the storage unit), writes that the way to true success is to honor your calling and have the courage to follow your passion. Some more words of Oprah from the column: "When you shift your focus from success to service, your work . . . will instantly have more meaning." "Real success means creating a life of meaning through service that fulfills your reason for being here." "How do you know whether you're on the right path, with the right person, or in the right job? The same way you know when you're not: You feel it. Each of us has a personal call to greatness--and because yours is as unique to you as your fingerprint, no one can tell you what it is." "Passion whispers to you through your feelings, beckoning you toward your highest good. Pay attention to what makes you feel energized, connected, stimulated--what gives you your juice. " "Ignoring your passion is like dying a slow death. . . ." You go Oprah!

I would like to add a quote from the Abraham Group, which teaches through Esther Hicks (which I featured in a previous blog): "Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you following your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy. You're right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body." And one more, words of Joseph Campbell, from my collection of favorite quotes: "When you are following your bliss, it's as if invisible things are happening. Doors open that you never knew were there."

I thrive when I am very actively facilitating healing and teaching people how to feel better and heal themselves at all levels.

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. My angelic mission is supported by some of those I assist and by others who recognize and appreciate my work on behalf of humanity.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator