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Thursday, January 12, 2006


January 12, 2006

I am very fortunate to receive the e-mail newsletter of lightworker Mark David Gerson (previously known as Agnaton Ben-Isha), a "traveling angel" with no home. I have continued to be amazed at how I resonate with this loving man's words. Mark David began his travels around the country after a major life change--opening portals and running grids, in addition to his preexisting lightwork. Mark has scheduled teleconferences, and gives workshops wherever called.

I confess that I've had some trust issues this century, perhaps a main cause of the difficulties I've experienced. It has seemed that my work has shut down, and my needs haven't been met as well as they had been in the first decade of my ministry. Life wasn't "a bed of roses," and there were challenges, but life was productive and satisfying. During the last two or three years, I felt my life was over and had little hope. Nevertheless, I've managed to be somewhat productive. Mark David Gerson's sharing of his innermost thoughts and feelings has inspired me and given me newfound hope (and tears came as I wrote that sentence). Read the following words (excerpts) and maybe you'll want to learn more about this precious man.

Mark David Gerson, Thursday, January 5, 2006, Benton, Arizona: ". . . Even after a year during which my financial needs have always been met, doubts and insecurities still bubble up. They bubble up now in particular, at a time with few known income opportunities on the horizon. . . . This is my first hotel experience in 12 days, my first night back on the road after a dozen nights in the same town. A pall of weariness settles over me. How much longer will this go on? Where will I go from here? And from there? And from there? And then I realize that I have fallen out of the moment in the same way I did an hour ago, over the cost of the room. Once again, I seek control over the uncontrollable. There is no tomorrow. There is no moment beyond this one. There is only now--this moment on a journey whose parameters, dimensions, and extent I may never fully know or understand. All I can do is trust in this moment of that journey, surrrender to the higher power that drives it, and reassure in loving embrace all parts of me that feel frightened and insecure. All I can do is move forward, whatever that means, on the path I chose long ago. All I can be is the journey--day by day,moment by moment, breath by breath."

Mark David Gerson, Sunday, January 8, 2005, Santa Fe, New Mexico: ". . . You either trust or you do not. There is no halfway in between. . . . Rather, faith creates holiness, wholeness, oneness. . . . If yesterday I was reminded that I am supported, today I am reminded that without faith and the trust and surrender it engenders, there is nowhere to channel that support. And so, once again I surrender to the journey, to the uncertainty, to the unknowingness. . ."

And so do I, Mark David Gerson. You are my inspiration to return to the faith, trust, and surrender that were once mine, to make every effort to "keep the faith."

Intrigued? Log onto Mark David Gerson's web site: www.markdavidgerson.com

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