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Sunday, August 06, 2006


August 6, 2006

You're reading the words of someone whose reality is that she's an angel incarnate. I tried to ignore and deny it, but began to accept it when, in the early 1990s, an internationally known spiritual healer/teacher guided me in session to view my soul (as he did with almost everyone in their first session with him). I saw an angel clearly. Recently, by exploration and through experiences, I've discovered the twelve faces of my composite soul group include not one but four angels and some fairies and ET's. Years ago I read about composite souls and found the subject fascinating. However, it wasn't until this year that I did in-depth research on the nature of my soul and the souls of others. One of my Internet friends had expressed that she thinks she's a fairy in human body. I decided to inquire and discovered it's true. One of her twelve aspects/facets is fairy. She also has some angels, ET's, and cetaceans. (Yes, many souled humans have cetacean aspects and often an affinity for dolphins and whales.) I have an acquaintance who is certain he's an ET and uses an unusual name he is comfortable with rather than the name of his human body-mind unit. I found he had eight ET aspects. Along that line, I have a young relative I called an ET during his early years because that's what I saw in his form. His mother used to jokingly question where he came from, saying he was nothing like her other children. Well, I found this child to also have eight ET facets/aspects out of twelve. Curiosity satisfied! I know a man who knows he's an angel--and a very sensitive one at that. (And so do most people who've known him for years.) I found he had eight angel aspects. Part of his job description is escorting people to "the other side" after their bodies die. Last year, in my presence, a woman's crew/guides said her consciousness mix is part mineral. She wondered if that meant a rock or something. I couldn't offer any explanation. Now I know this meant elemental, which is made up of fairies and elves (and similar beings, I assume).

And then there are the robotic/reanimated humans. I had previously discovered that several people I knew of fit this category. Nevertheless, I attempted to determine their soul composition. Wouldn't work! Can't determine soul composition of these because they are "unsouled." (There is an explanation for how they live in this world--and it's not what you'd expect. Google "robotic humans," "reanimated humans," and "organic portals" and read--but don't assume the information is 100% accurate.)

Once in the 1990s, a gal I was assisting said she felt like a cat in a human body. And she did remind me of a cat. She would much rather play with her cats than to do the things humans do. Actually, there were several indications of "strangeness" in this woman and her life. Won't go into that here. Suffice it to say, I do not include her in my study of composite souls.

And you think I'm strange?! Want an interpretation of your self? E-mail me.

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully! I Am Angel-Light. My angelic mission is supported financially, etc. by those who appreciate my presence and service in this world.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator