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Monday, September 25, 2006


September 25, 2006

Unfortunately, the two-day "Soul Seminar" Dr. Mitchell Gibson (www.tybro.com) scheduled in North Central Texas this summer was out of my budget at $200+. His local promoter had sent me a very detailed list of topics for the seminar and a DVD of several pages of his book, which I shared and viewed with a supporter. Despite getting that Dr. Gibson's info is far from being 100% accurate, and knowing it's impossible to fully cover the topics in a two-day seminar, I was significantly impressed and recommended the seminar to someone who turned on somebody else.

Several weeks after Dr. Gibson's local "Soul Seminar," those who hadn't been able to attend were offered (by his local promoter) the opportunity to view/listen to DVDs of the seminar for a small fee. Four DVD's and several short breaks later, I told myself it was the best money I'd spent in a long time. (Truth be told, I had decided that before we were halfway through it.) Later, a supporter who attended said there was a lot of validation of my Love Work and reality in the seminar.

Dr. Gibson's very brief comments about how animal spirits can attach to humans got my attention. Despite being involved in spirit releasement therapy for years as a part of my Love Work, I'd never checked myself or others for attached animal spirits. Dr. Gibson said that foxes can cause heart muscle dis-ease, mice can cause headaches, and squirrels can cause anxiety. (I wish I could see his complete list. Anyone know where such info might be available? If so, e-mail me.)

For years, I had seen a fox "in my mind" from time to time, so obviously I was intrigued. I just assumed there was a fox spirit attached to/stuck with me, and later that day sent it home to its group soul (different than soul group) and quickly moved on to mice. While finishing the process of releasing mice, I experienced sensations of big-time release, including coughing and vibrations. Wow! I suspect it was the fox release completion that was responsible. I sat in awe for a while at what had happened before moving on to squirrels.

It was a week later before I made a list of animals, birds, insects, sea creatures, reptiles, etc. and checked myself for any spirits of these attached/trapped. I worked my way down the list, sending those I found to their group souls. I have most definitely benefited from removing these non-human spirits from my energy. (I also can do this process for others--in person and long distance.)

One might ask: Why would animal spirits be attached/trapped in my energy--or yours? Plenty of reasons. Perhaps they were pets in other lives, or you were their keeper or trainer. I strongly suspect that when one is attacked, killed, and eaten by a wild animal that attachment occurs--although it is more likely that one loses a soul facet/fragment. (I can also assist people with recovering missing facets.) And what about when one deliberately abuses or kills a creature? I've been a vegetarian about 19 years and am mostly vegan now. But I appreciate the Native American tradition of giving thanks to the spirits of animals they eat for their sacrifice.

I remember something that happened about 1994, being unable to avoid a big turtle on the highway at night. I attempt to live a no-harm life as much as possible (catching bees and wasps and taking them outside, etc.), and I was shocked, stunned, began grieving, and asked forgiveness of the turtle. My passenger and I received at the same time that the turtle had sacrificed itself to impart a very important message to us both (which was given to us) concerning the environment we'd been in a for a while earlier that day. (A glass ashtray flew off the shelf on to the floor when we two "angels incarnate" walked into a building at a center in a rural area where people were gathered. But that's another story! Ha!)

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