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Friday, September 08, 2006


September 8, 2006

There are times I feign ignorance--briefly or for longer periods of time--when I sense doing so would be in the best interest of one who has requested my time. Conniving, trickster demonic entities attempt to hide their presence and gain the upper hand when in the presence of those who may have the ability to dislodge them. Some times in such cases they think they've "pulled the wool over my eyes" when the opposite is indeed the case. They may be able to deceive their host humans but not so in the case of experienced spiritual healers--not often and not for long, anyway.

The subject of demonic entities is too broad to discuss in depth here, but a little bit about how they are created is in order. When one becomes angry, one creates demonic energy, which usually quickly dissipates. However, when one holds the anger for longer periods of time, and when the anger is intense, the energy hangs around its creator. Worse than that, like attracts like, so more powerful demonic energy is attracted; thus, the demonic energy continues to build. Once entrenched with one human for a lengthy period of time, it is more difficult to dislodge. As the reader may be aware, it can take over the consciousness of its host human to some degree.

Recently, when shuffling papers in my storage unit, I came across an article on the subject of demonic energies written by Ken Page (www.kenpage.com). Ken is an expert on the subject, as far as I'm concerned. Ken is a very high-level spiritual healer, and I recommend his sessions and his books to anyone and everyone (so avail yourself if he's ever in your area). As happens when going through papers, one often picks up a few words automatically, and this happened to me. The words got my attention so that I stopped and read a couple of paragraphs and decided to pull the article from the box of papers to read again in depth.

After doing so, ideas and affirmations came into my mind. Because I'd noticed I had been feeling some anger this year (which is unusual), I decided to check myself out to see what percentage of my consciousness (not soul) was controlled by demonic energies and got 20%. I immediately affirmed, "In the name of the Christ, I decree I Am taking control of my consciousness from all demonic entities now." Checked again, and I had cleared to only 3%. (Yes, it can be that easy!) At that point, I made a list of people I knew and even some nationally known people, thinking I'd get a wide range of responses. And that was the case! My 20% range was shared by a couple of well-known spiritual teachers, so I didn't feel so bad about my initial "reading" after I checked out the people on my list. Actually, 20% is in the low range (of all those I checked)--although I did find a few people with absolutely no part of their consciousness controlled by demonic energies, including Ken Page.

I am very open to trying new ways of healing/clearing presented to me and have no illusions that I'm a very clear, pure being. Living in this dense world in human body-mind unit is not an easy thing to do for those of us accustomed to other worlds. Meanwhile, using the following affirmations may get you some instant results. (Bear in mind that people who are more clear than the average with more energy flow find it easier to get results with affirmations.)

To release/clear the energies of others you are probably carrying, and which may not be demonic: "In the name of the Christ, I decree I Am...releasing what is not mine to carry or to heal...now."

This is powerful and is to be said as is for best results: "In the name of the Christ, I decree I Am...decontaminating my being at all levels...now."

And now we come to the matter of demonic energies/entities, for which there are two affirmations: "In the name of the Christ, I decree I Am...taking control of my consciousness from all demonic entities...now." (Don't assume you don't have any such condition. If you're in strong denial, that's an indicator that they are involved.) "In the name of the Christ, I decree I Am...destroying all demonic energies I have created and am creating--past, present, future--throughout time, space, dimension...now."

It is very important to bring in light after any clearing: "In the name of the Christ, I decree I am...filling my consciousness with pure light...now." (I prefer using "the golden light of the Christ.") If you've been clearing your being or body, then you would use the appropriate word rather than consciousness.

If you have any questions or want a diagnosis, e-mail me at the address below.

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I am supported by persons who appreciate my presence and service in this dimension.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator