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Friday, March 02, 2007


March 2, 2007

When I sense myself moving into deep alpha spontaneously, I recognize that I am being drawn out of the physical body for a reason, and I place my physical body in a safe place and position for the duration of the experience. I have read the reports of others who experience this. Sometimes the reason is so important that it can't wait, and we have to park our cars until its over. One might call these out-of-body experiences, although they are for important purposes.

I have found myself at meetings of the Council of Light of which I'm a member, helping people in need of assistance, and various other activities, including merging with other aspects of my Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS) to provide extra strength and assistance in difficult situations. Today was one of those occasions when my etheric body or template was to be altered--etheric surgery I guess it could be called.

The "doctor" had light blonde hair and fair skin, which was very red, as if it had been sunburned. Perhaps it was red because of the degree of exertion necessary to do the work at hand. At one point, he asked me to sit up. (I had layed my body down at the begnning.) I was "out" for about an hour.

Just sharing another personal experience as a means of giving information.

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