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Saturday, March 03, 2007


March 3, 2007

A reader of my blogs who has done little, if any, reading on the various topics elsewhere might be stretched to the point of thinking I need a psychiatrist while confined to a mental health facility. On the other hand, people who have read on the topics would take the information under consideration, discuss the subject with others, and wouldn't go so far as to deny the validity of the information presented. And then there are more people than some could possibly imagine in the United States and around the world who have very similar experiences and realities such as my own. These people only smile in recognition and appreciate the read (much as I myself do when reading of the experiences of others).

There are degrees of ignorance and enlightenment. I seriously doubt anyone achieves full enlightenment while embodied in this world. But then, what is enlightenment--really? I don't claim to know. However, I do know that society would find it impossible to confine in mental institutions all people with realities the same as or similar to my own. Not enough room! But it's true that many of us don't reveal our realities in totality for fear of ostracism by family, business associates, etc. So many have past life memories (either conscious or unconscious) of persecution because of our realities, including burning at the stake, and that is what keeps many lips sealed--at least to some degree.

Obviously, I don't care whether I'm accepted or rejected by people. I'm a magnet for little children who like and love me. Animals love me. Plants thrive under my love and care. That's enough for me! The bonus is that lives have been changed for the better through my instrument, and people have become more aware of their multidimensionality and other realms of existence. For these things I am very grateful!

I Am Angel-Light. I am supported by donations of persons who appreciate my service to them, to others, and to the world in general.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator