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Monday, September 24, 2007


September 26, 2007

Once a few years ago, someone who puts out an ezine of articles of various channels, which goes out to thousands of people, decided to publish some of my words. Since at that time I called myself an Agent of the Light Force of Archangel Michael, she gave Archangel Michael credit for the words. I told her those were my words and that I wasn't channeling. Nevertheless, she chose to release the message as channeled material originating with Archangel Michael.

We have posted in previous blogs about the Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS). Most people who claim to be channeling are really just speaking the knowledge and wisdom of one of the other aspects of their Self. On the other hand, Archangel Michael does place his energy in people, and hundreds of thousands allegedly carry his energy (just as human body-mind units also carry energies of other archangels, etc.).

So who is this Archangel Michael--really? He's not of the typical angel genre, although he has presented himself with wings so as to assist people with recognizing him. Many people, including myself, don't need the wings to recognize him. His image can be projected onto one's mind screen or into a room, but he has also alleged to have been seen in person, when ones are given glimpses into another dimension or overtone. He's described as a giant, powerfully-built humanoid by many who claim to have actually seen his person (versus seeing a holographic image or projection of him, which is more common). I'm given he's of the Elohim race and part of the Ashtar Alliance. There are also beings who masquerade as Archangel Michael, and many who claim to be channeling Archangel Michael are being deceived by those whose purposes it serves. Most of the people who claim to be channeling Archangel Michael are not doing so in the strictest sense of the word. If they are carrying Archangel Michael's energies, then they may actually be doing so.

On the subject of holographic image, word is out that a bogus return of Jesus Christ is to be staged and that people will see him (his image) in the sky and be deceived so as to gullibly follow orders. Children are taught about Jesus in Sunday School and see his [graven] image in their Holy Bibles, story books, etc. Now most (wish it were all) adults know those images were created by artists 1,000 to 1,500 years after his death, and we really don't know the appearance of his form. (We won't discuss here the views of those who claim he never existed.) However, that pale, fragile-looking image can't be the image of an anointed man who walked in the deserts of the Middle East. Many people expect Jesus Christ to return in the sky. What image do you suppose they'll see? The European image, of course! How many people are going to fall to their knees and worship a holographic image? How many will be deceived? Far too many and many more.

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