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Thursday, October 04, 2007


October 4, 2007

Some words of author and speaker Caroline Myss on divine guidance came my way on the Internet recently. Myss has authored several books, including Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul. This book is now on my wish list! Great for a loaner!

I don't read everything that arrives in the mailboxes, but this piece, titled "Divine Guidance," under the heading, "Take Charge of Your Spirit," seemed something I might share with others, so I took the time to read it slowly. A paragraph titled "Separation" stood out: "When you tell the Divine that you want false voices--people, situations, and influences that distract you from the truth--out of your life, you can expect the world as you know it to change. As you move away from the mundane to assuming that you have a mission, you may find yourself separated from false voices, and feeling like a stranger in a strange land. [Angel-Light Note: Yes, I know that feeling!] You are beginning to unplug from the human laws of cause and effect [Angel-Light Note: People who won't believe me when I speak this just might believe the highly-respected Caroline Myss.] . . . . As you detach from the world of human order, you are energetically detaching from the world of human reasoning and may no longer know who or what to trust. You can expect sadness, even depression, as the process unfolds. It's a necessary element in your progression." For years, I have recommended Susan Shumsky's book titled, Divine Revelation, for tips on discerning false guidance. It's put together in such a clear and concise way that one can pick it up and begin reading any section in the book and not get confused. It tends to learn a little toward the religious, but don't let that keep you from reading it and putting its tips and techniques into practice.

When reading these words of Caroline Myss, the divine placed the words "deceivers of consciousness" in my mind to substitute for the words "false voices." Of utmost importance is establishing and maintaining a strong connection with the divine and keeping one's self reasonably clear of contaminants so as to lessen interference with one's own personal divine guidance. One can ask to be separated from false voices as follows: "I [name] Am...asking to be separated and disconnected from all false voices and deceivers of consciousness--totally, completely, permanently, and forever--past, present, future...Now." Then it is to give thanks immediately. It is also recommended that one affirm: "I [name] Decree I Am...separating and disconnecting myself from all false voices and deceivers of consciousness--totally, completely, permanently, and forever--past, present, future...Now. And so it is!"

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Angel-Light Love
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