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Monday, November 19, 2007


November 19, 2007

I read with shock and dismay a piece of news from Afghanistan in today's Dallas Morning News: "Taliban militants slashed the hands and legs of five abducted policemen in southern Afghanistan, executed them, and hung their mutilated bodies from trees in a warning to villagers against working with the government, officials said Sunday. . . ." Just another example of the atrocities occurring frequently in the Middle East--and on the African continent, for that matter.

After reading this, I voiced: "Such as these [the perpetrators] should not be allowed to live in this [3D] world." I'm against the death penalty here in the United States (as it exists). However, I recognize that there can be exceptions, that society must be protected from the most evil of the evil--such as those who torture. I wondered it if was the human souls who mutilated the Afghan police officers or if it was something else altogether and inquired. Indeed, it was demons of darkness working through the human body-mind units who did the deed.

So what is accomplished by administering the death penalty to human body-mind units through which such atrocious crimes against humanity are committed? Well, for one thing, the evil spirits can no longer utilize them for further dastardly deeds. On the other hand, the dark ones will search for and find other human body-mind units to work through. Those without human souls being hosted (called robotic humans by some) are the most vulnerable. They are easy for the agents of darkness to access and control. Those who mutilated the Afghan police officers are prime examples of unsouled humans without the "spark of the divine." [Keep in mind (and refer to past blogs) that human body-mind units can function without human souls.]

What is the solution? I don't pretend to know. However, there continue to be battles for the minds of humanity. Always have been; always will be.

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