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Saturday, February 02, 2008


February 2, 2008

Are you aware that persons can extend themselves into your energy field or your form/body--mostly intentionally but sometimes unintentionally? Are you aware that you can pick up the issues and dis-ease symptoms of these people and assume they are your own? I have enough personal adventures with extensions, so I don't need to relate anyone else's experiences.

I have intentionally extended into someone else's form/body only once. In 1991 there was an ending to a brief romance with a cosmic man. He left three messages of validation and appreciation on my voice mail, one right after the other, and ended with a statement that he didn't want to see me anymore. (In retrospect, it was probably because I was not at his level of "cosmic understanding" at the time.) I wondered what was really going on, and I extended myself into his form from about twenty miles away. I found him in anguish, and got out of that man so fast, choosing to accept his decision. A cosmic man I was involved with from about 1989 in various ways (very difficult and stressful) would extend himself into my form by merging with me when I was reclined. When that happened, I felt like I had parts of a male that a female doesn't have.

During 2006 and 2007, many times I found myself with a huge round belly for no logical reason. I finally figured out that I had three different people with big bellies extending into my solar plexus--sometimes all at the same time! One was an "innocent" man who has been infatuated with me (for years). Another was a man who is a dark overlord (and whose intentions I rejected). Still dealing with this guy, but he is blocked from extending into my body. The third person was a female almost 100% taken over by reptillian souls and who has practiced magic learned in secret society initiations. The reptillians extend into people through their hosts and download others of their genre into the forms into which they've extended. Anyway, after all this time, I've almost succeeded in totally blocking extensions into my body, but still find this female in the solar plexus occasionally. For example, yesterday I noticed the digestion did not seem to be working. I checked and found 65% of the light meal consumed seven hours previously was still in the stomach. I discovered the female extended into the abdomen and cleared her from my body. Immediately there were noises of digestion!

One can also be carrying another person's energies if there are psychic cords. Some cording is mutual and wanted by both parties (such as in romantic relationships). However, most others are negative in nature and not beneficial. We remove these (as well as extensions) during the clearing/healing process and stop and block their replacement.

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations of persons who appreciate and value our service.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator