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Sunday, February 17, 2008


February 17, 2008

Recently, someone posted a link to an article written in 2004 by Lisa Renee. "Suppressor Parasite Entity (SPE) Removal" is found on her blog site, which is www.EnergeticSynthesis.com . Lisa Renee's site has a wealth of useful information for those interested in clearing and healing themselves.

When I was reading the article, I began to feel movement in my back, which was like a light bulb coming on in the head, a sign that perhaps I had a Suppressor Parasite Entity. I checked myself and five other people we have assisted and remain in contact with. Several of us tested positive for the presence of one or more Suppressor Parasite Entities.

Lisa shares the opinion of others who have written on the subject that "Those awakening to remember themselves as light-beings and becoming a part of the collective light-worker or star seed grid network on this Planet tend to be the targets for dark forces." She writes, "The energy of a highly conscious human being creates a frequency signal that activates 'the radar screen' of awareness at the center of dark consciousness. Once on the radar screen of darkness, darkness places a 'tag' [also labeled by other names by those who write about them] on the enlightened being to track them and determine if they are a threat to the survival of the 'I am,' ego and self awareness of darkness. If the enlightened being is deemed a threat to darkness, a Suppressor Parasite Entity (SPE) is sent to be surreptitiously implanted in the physical and emotional bodies of such enlightened beings ('targets'). These targets tend to be lightworkers, healers, spiritual leaders, and other highly powerful and/or influential people whose authentic purpose and mission is to bring about positive global transformation, raise consciousness, heal, and bring back our divine inheritance."

The entire article is interesting and informative. Lisa Renee instructs the reader on how to locate such as these in one's self and remove them. She does warn, however, that removing SPEs is not easy because "they are intelligent and resourceful and will try to deceive, frighten, threaten, plead, cajole, use guilt, and create pain in order to remain attached to their hosts."

Anyway, rather than attempt it myself, I decided to ask the Angel-Light team to remove the SPF from me and asked, one by one, for the same to be accomplished for the others I had checked. I was informed that some would take a little longer than others to remove--about a week for myself. Lisa reports that because SPEs tend to "root-in" deeply, "removal is sometimes a painful process," but that the pain is temporary and worth it (as opposed to hosting a Suppressor Parasite Entity). I totally agree! And I have experienced various sensations, energies, etc. since the process of removing the SPE with me was begun yesterday.

You can find the entire article on Lisa Renee's web site: www.EnergeticSynthesis.com . I apologize that I no longer have the link to the article.

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Angel-Light Love
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