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Sunday, March 09, 2008


March 9, 2008

Question: Do I shut down my three lower chakras when I am doing healing on someone--especially in person?

Response: With any of your chakras closed (and don't use the words "shut down," which have a different meaning), you cannot be an effective channel of healing energy. Your flow is to be strong, so it is to do some moving of energy through your form, including your chakras, before opening yourself as a channel of healing energy for a person and ask that you be used as an instrument of healing for that one. It is so more safe and healthy for ones to keep in mind that they are the channels rather than the source of such energy. The energy flows through much more effectively when the channel surrenders to the flow rather than trying to regulate it or direct it. Place your hands over areas where you sense they are to be placed. The cause of an individual's pain may be somewhere other than the place of pain. Also, there might be some area in the body that needs the energy more than the perceived area, which means the body will take it where it is most needed. Bodies have also been known to reject energy. The wisdom of the body must prevail and not perceived as a problem or difficulty. One more thing: It is important not to invoke/call upon any particular deities or one's own personal "angels" when opening one's self as a channel (which is quite restrictive). If a healer is committed to channeling healing energy and has established boundaries as to who/what can use the instrument to assist others, then that will be sufficient. For example, I allow any being who is compatible with Christ Consciousness to participate in energy healing processes where I am the instrument.

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Angel-Light Love
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