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Saturday, June 21, 2008


June 21, 2008

Question: Are you sure that we each survive death with our individuality intact?

Response: I'm sure we do--at least for as long as we're a part of the incarnational cycle of this planet. After we leave it behind and "move on," I'm not as sure. From that point, the soul survives but not the personalities, which are part of the body mind.

This year I've been experiencing more people from "home" (where most people hang out between lives) in hopes of communicating and using me as the messenger--people I know and people I don't. I was surprised the other day by a visit from an uncle (not biologically related) who transitioned about 15 years or so ago. There was not a close relationship between us. He introduced himself as "Will Huckaby." Well, his wife (my mother's sister) and all the family called him William--not Will or even Bill. But I asked and found that as a man of about 30 years of age (which is the age all people seem to be at "home" between lives), he prefers Will, which is what some people called him in his younger years, it seems.

Recently, I read (for escapism--rather than romantic novels as some do) two books from the library by James Van Praagh, an internationally known psychic medium: Talking to Heaven and Reaching to Heaven. Reading both would reassure you about the individuality surviving death of the physical form, but I especially recommend Reaching to Heaven. Many of Sylvia Browne's books give information that validates our survival as individuals, and there are other psychics and mediums who have published their experiences and the results of their work. I recommend the thought-provoking books of Michael Newton, Ph.D. His first is Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. His second is Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives. I do not mean to imply that all the books I recommend are 100% factual because--they aren't. Sylvia Browne has even corrected herself in later books. Sometimes we just interpret information incorrectly. No big deal.

I personally don't identify with the "home" that most published authors describe because I have no emotional attachment to reuniting with biological relatives (of this life or others) after this life ends. I do agree with Sylvia Browne that 3D is the real hell. I am looking forward to removing my essence from this human form and rejoining my friends of the Council of Light of which I am a part. I've been called back, but I'm just not willing to go yet.

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations of persons who appreciate and value our service.

Angel-Light Love
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