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Friday, October 10, 2008


October 10, 2008

A couple of years ago, I blogged about a soul researcher and healer whose work I found interesting. (Look through titles in the archives if you want to read that blog.) I didn't necessarily agree with him on everything, but his information about how one can be contaminated by energies of other species and negatively impacted caught my attention--particularly because he gave several types of subspecies and how they affect people. (Would really like to have his complete "list"--or that of anyone else with such information, for that matter.)

Let me assure you that if you have eaten the flesh of any creature often, you're carrying around some of that energy--including any fear energy that it had at the time of death. Creatures killed in slaughterhouses are the most fear-carrying because they know what is going to happen to them and fear has time to build. (If you don't believe me, read some first-hand accounts of witnesses and ex-slaughterhouse workers.) I once knew an elderly country woman who ate squirrels all her life until she discovered they are rodents (like rats, which she hated and feared). If you think about it, it makes sense that people can pick up and carry in their own energy the energy of other species--both unknowingly (such as most people) and intentionally (such as in shamanic and magic practices).

After I watched/listened to the DVDs of the soul researcher's seminar, I checked myself out for energies of other species and cleared them. I reported some of the results in the first blog I posted on this subject. Recently, I was reminded of this and checked myself out again. Among others, found energies of two types of creatures I don't remember looking for the first time. Because I have been a vegetarian for over twenty years (and 99% vegan now), I'm not carrying as much as people who make meat the main focus of their diet.

One can make a list of various other species and creatures and go down the list and clear those energies, just assuming one is carrying them. It's quicker than first checking to see if they are in one's energies (especially since most people don't know how to check). Before beginning, invoke assistance aloud: "I [name] decree I Am invoking the assistance of my divine governing Council of Light, my guide who is always there, and my guides of 100% light now." Then just tell them what you want: "I want any and all __________ energies I am carrying removed from me and mine and taken home to their group soul now." (Remember this is "group soul," not "soul group"--big difference.) You can fill in the blank with canine, feline, rodent, reptile, insect, equine, marsupial, amphibian, or whatever comes to mind. You can get more specific, such as: snails and slugs, elephants, rats, beef cattle, scorpions, etc. In the latter case, it's better to say "energies of _________" than "________ energies." Sensitive people who know themselves well usually sense energies leaving in some way (as did I the first time I did this).

Now if you want to carry energies of the lion or bear who ripped into you in another life, go right ahead. If you want to harbor the fear energies of cattle and pigs who died violently, feel free. I choose otherwise.

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