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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


October 7, 2008

When releasing spirits that are stuck or lost (sometimes called "in limbo"), I try to make the transition comfortable for them. Some are afraid. So I explain about the concepts of heaven and hell, how these are not reality, that one will not go to either heaven or hell, that these concepts were created based on superstitions of the ancients to control them and has perpetuated itself into the present time, that most people (but definitely not all) people preaching/teaching the heaven-hell doctrine these days even believe it themselves.

After many years of assisting stuck/lost ones, I recently was enlightened while clearing entities and energies I might have picked up at the huge medical facility where my body's needs are met (and those of many other low-income people). I asked (for the first time ever during my clearing work): "Is there anyone with me who wants to go to heaven?" Immediately there was an enthusiastic response of "Glory!" This term is one used in Pentecostal-type gatherings and services in the United States, and I've even heard it used in conversations when out and about--as an affirmation, like the word "amen," to signify agreement with what is being said or done. Anyway, let it be known that I have finally learned to give those who are convinced they are heaven-bound to the transition team and let them sort it out once the individual has gone through the portal to the transfer station.

Some people who have failed to complete their transitions don't want to leave loved ones and attach to them for various reasons. After years of attachment, it can be difficult for these to get out of the individual's energy field where they have become trapped. Such was the case with a young man who wanted to experience past life regression in the early years of my Love Work. I explained that it is not to do so lightly, but to have unresolved issues or problems in the current life that might could be resolved or alleviated by regressing into other lives (and asking to explore lives that would assist in understanding and healing a concern of the present life). I also explained to him that before beginning past life exploration, it is important to check to see if any spirits of the "dead" are attached and, if so, to send them "home" (the term I normally use instead of heaven) because their presence can interfere with the regression process.

There are several methods I use to discover spirits attached to people. If one doesn't work for someone, another will. (It's the same with regression and progression work.) Found a male who had attached to this young man when he was a teenager. The man, who referred to himself as the father, informed me that he died when his "heart exploded" (his words). I established how old the father and son were when that happened. The father said he really loved his son and felt he never communicated it, and that's why he was still with him. He said that when his son was young, he would secretly hide and take photos of him doing cute things when playing. I asked where his son was when he attached to him, and he responded, "In my truck." I asked the father that if we could arrange for his son to get the message that he always loved him, he would feel comfortable going home and getting on with his life. He was surprised that we might be able to do that. We facilitated that communication and then eased the son from alpha-theta level to alpha-beta level.

The son had not heard my conversation with his father. I asked him if anyone he knew died when he was a teenager, and he said his stepfather (and confirmed his age and his stepfather's age at the time). I asked him what kind of car his stepfather drove, and he said a pickup (as these vehicles are still called by many in Texas). He said he liked to sit in the truck after his stepfather died because it made him feel close to him. He said his stepfather had died of a heart attack. He also wistfully commented that he never felt his stepfather really loved him because he never told him or showed it. Then his mood shifted a little and he remembered something--that his stepfather used to hide and take photos of him when he thought the son wasn't noticing. He asked himself, "Why would he have done that if he didn't love me?" I told him about interacting with his stepfather, and that his stepfather had something he wanted to communicate with him and asked him to put himself into a receptive mode. I then suggested he communicate with his stepfather from his heart, which he proceeded to do. Then an aura of awe and love and peace enveloped him--and my own self, as well. Get tingles remembering as I write about this experience (one of many similar experiences, I might add). It was then that the son and I set the stepfather free and he finally went home.

Heaven or home--whatever a lost/stuck one whose transition didn't complete needs, I'll customize my words for them. People have different realities--"dead" or "alive."

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