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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


November 4, 2008

Had an e-mail yesterday from a supporter that she had contacted a spiritual healer whose site I recommend about her schizophrenia and had just received a response. The healer said he had spoken with her guides/supervisors, and they do not think she has schizophrenia, that the problem is she has over 1,000 negative programs running.

Despite getting tingles of confirmation about the diagnosis in my body as I read, my mental reaction was that it seemed like too high a figure. However, when I checked with my sources, I was given it was correct. Wow! I was also given that the average person has about 550 negative programs running. Seems unbelievable, I know (sort of like psychic and emotional weight discussed in a blog earlier this year), but I checked myself out and found I have a little more than the average. Checked out a supporter, who also had a little more than the average. Checked a female who has been on mental health medications for many years and who attempted suicide and almost succeeded several years ago, and she had about 1,630 negative programs running. Discovered a cosmic, sensitive young man we've been assisting off and on for several months has 1,550.

We do address negative and illegal and unauthorized programs in the clearing-healing process, but I sensed we were to address the negative programs in a specific way. I communicated with the Angel-Light team about this and was given the correct word to be used is "deactivate"--not "delete" or "remove." I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to ask and pray correctly, and I'm usually very careful in this regard.

After getting the correct way to address negative programs, I asked that those of all the people I'd checked (individually) to be deactivated. About an hour later, my negative programs running had been reduced from 591 to 257. Naturally, I wondered why there were still so many and was cautioned that this was "an acceptable level." I recognize there is a higher purpose for all things--even negative programs. The negative programs the others were running were reduced to "acceptable" levels as well.

Here is how you might reduce the number of negative programs you have running. State slowly and aloud after deep breathing. First invoke/ask for the assistance of whomever you ask (Guide Who is Always There, Guides of 100% Light, Divine Council of Light, Legions of Light, Hierarchies of Light, etc.): "In the name of the Christ and under the law of grace, I [your name] Decree I Am invoking/asking for the assistance of [names] on my behalf now. I Am asking you all to deactivate the negative programs I'm running now." Or, one who is in constant contact with one's "people" can just state, after deep breathing: "I want all the negative programs I'm running deactivated now."

I noticed a marked shift in my energies when I awoke this morning. If this information assists you, please write me.

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