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Monday, February 09, 2009


January 9, 2009

Before I officially began my ministry in 1990, I as told by several intuitive people many things about the nature of my life's work, including: "You are here as an incredible healer." "You are truly an ambassador for God." "You will have a wonderful ministry." Over the years, I have received many words of appreciation for the assistance of the Angel-Light team. At some point, I began saving some of them as a type of legacy for my family. I'm sharing some of them here as a way to promote the Love Work. Please send this blog link to those who might be interested. Quotation marks are around each individual comment. These are but a few.

“I just want to thank you so much for that technique. What a difference! I’m getting some good insights, and it helps with the pain level. I do believe you’re the answer to my prayers.” “I am so pleased at the results we are having. I can tell immediately when you are working on me. Yesterday my doctor was amazed at how well I’m doing. You are marvelous. I can’t thank you enough!” “You are amazing! Your ability to scan another’s fields to determine the root causes and to remove them! I cannot believe my good fortune to have found you—such a beautiful soul willing to help others. I am also grateful to you and your amazing, open heart. I knew that help was out there. I just prayed. You came. Thank you!" “Just telling you how wonderful I feel after our session—much lighter and more free. A lot of processing going on. I would like to do it again, and I do remember all of it. I think it’s an awesome way to help somebody clear some things on many different levels. You’re a wonderful mentor for me and teacher. I’m learning a lot." “I give thanks for your generous and loving gifts to all who need your help—including me and my husband. I do feel so much better!! He is making incredible progress. It is amazing to watch. The energy in our home is fluid, non-constricted, and loving. First time in 20 years!” “I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed and I have the one-on-one contact with you. Of all the people I’ve ever met, you are the most generous with your time and have committed your time very unselfishly. You’re a wonderful role model. I admire you as a teacher and healer.” “Almost immediately after speaking with you, the headache diminished significantly and then disappeared. I have been watchful as I know I am in the long clearing-healing process you and the team started. I have felt lighter and that I am vibrating at a higher, more clear frequency. Thank you.” “Thank you for walking me through the psychic surgery. Something very nice is taking place. I feel much, much better. Thank you for all of your assistance on every level and for all of your wonderful words of encouragement and for being such a blessing. You are very appreciated and loved.” “The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and said to just live with it, but I’ve done your affirmation, and it fixed what the doctors couldn’t. We have more power in our minds than we give ourselves credit for.” “Thank you for your patience, for your persistence, for your gentleness and kindness, for all the nurturing and energy. Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you for helping me to feel the healing power of Love.” “Thank you for sharing with me and teaching me and helping me learn how to soar.” “You just blew me away with the incredible, amazing information that you provided me with. Lady, you are worth your weight in gold. Thank you so much for all your efforts and help you have given me. You are the most amazing lady I have ever known. You really get results with what you do. I am feeling so much better. Much of my pain has been relieved, and also my severe nausea and exhaustion. I am doing all the affirmations and decrees a lot, and it’s working. I don’t know how to ever thank you. You have been a Godsend to me.” “Your tools that I’ve used have tremendously helped.” “I appreciate all the things that come through you for me.” “When I think of you, there’s a big smile. You’ve given me back my life.” “I very much appreciate all you’ve done. You’ve helped me make decisions without doing it for me.” “I continue to be amazed at the progress I am making in just a few short weeks thanks to the hard work of Angel-Light Love and the team.” “You are so generous with your time and wisdom. You have made an impact on my life, and you make such a difference in the quality of my life. You have helped a great deal in my process.” “Thank you for your wonderful insights.” “Just a note of thanks, as this has been a great breakthrough of light and raising of consciousness that you have brought. It seems that doors of darkness and problems are closing off, and only doors of light are opening. A new light has dawned around me, and there is no going out of it. I so appreciate your beautiful posts that have meant so much to me and came at exactly the right time. You have placed so much light in my path. You have truly helped me. You don’t know how much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a worker for the light. I was ready for what you have to offer. Thank you for your hand of help.” "Thank you for your insight, knowledge, and understanding. It has been quite helpful to me.” “Better now. Thanks to you. It was an immediate clear. Helped so much! Incredibly!” “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am grateful for these affirmations. I am feeling the release and light. Thank you again." Since we started this healing journey, I am feeling better and better. I feel so different, and I already feel so much lighter in my soul. I can feel again. I can laugh again. I am feeling so much better. Thank you for helping me.”
“You and your Angel-Light team have done wonders. I no longer have an issue with acid reflux. These days I live with a measure of ease and grace that I have not had in a long time, especially not since I consciously chose to be on this journey."
“My heart is filled with so much love now. It’s amazing how that feels, but then you know what I’m talking about. I could see it all over your face the day I met you. I must admit that I didn’t know what to think of you at first, but after I met you I knew you were the real deal.” “Regarding your blogs, I love reading them and get a sense that you are highly guided when you write. Your info resonates, and I learn so much! I honor your chosen service to humankind and am in awe that you stay connected to your origins and path.” “I truly appreciate your impeccable timing. Your responses to my recent needs made me feel that I matter. Your care and attention has made me feel that my situation is not as hopeless and as dark as it may appear." “I am feeling so much better. I can hardly believe it. I also have renewed strength and energy. I feel new. So much more at peace. You have made such a difference in my life in such a short period of time. I truly credit you for saving my life. Since you have been working with me, I am getting clearer minded and not feeling so dazed and confused." “I am actually feeling more free. Since the clearing, I have felt a greater level of wellbeing, and I seem to be able to detach from other people’s dramas. I’m happy to say that the bad panic attacks I was getting for several months seem to have passed. A lot of unresolved fears seem to be clearing as well." “Thank you for looking into my daughter's condition for me. I can already see a difference in her. You and your team are amazing. I can't thank you enough.”
“I wanted to let you know that I’ve been feeling a lot better since you did the clearing for me. For the first time (probably all year), I’m feeling pretty positive about life, and even back to feeling happy most times I notice how I’m feeling."
“Thanks for the energy work. I feel great!” “I feel much stronger, clearer, centered since you cleared me. And I feel a close connection with Spirit again. I think I’m even getting reliable accurate information from my High Self. Thank you so much.” “I’ve noticed a change the last few days. I seem less anxious and more relaxed." “I am feeling better, definitely feel like I’m going through an adjustment of only being in my own energy. I can get used to it!” “There is no interference in my meditations, and I am able to reach deeper levels much faster.” “I feel so awesome. I have never felt like this in my entire life. I am seeing great and fantastic results. My children are nicer to me, and my neighborhood has been very still compared to what it used to be. I am so very grateful to you for helping me. Please accept my true thanks. I have been looking for peace and deliverance for a very long time. Thank you and blessings.” “I am feeling much better and I appreciate your cocreative work. I know this has made a wonderful difference. Any sense of depression is gone for my being has been freed up. I am in a much better place and so much less affected by annoyances other than wanting them to cease. I was aware of greater clarity today. I can feel being able to speak much more easily and clearly.” “Your presence, albeit through email, has gotten me over some of the bumps in my road. Thank you!" “He is so exceedingly improved and back to awareness that he is wandering around the house talking non-stop about it. He is feeling so validated by the fact that someone else understands how he feels. Having you do this work with him has him so in gratitude. He's never spoken like this. It's been 10 years that he's wanted more to unfold in this arena, and you have brought him the assistance that has him so grateful. Life is so very busy with my work. So having him get the help that he's sought so desperately is a lifetime of reward. Thank you so much for what you're doing." “I must tell you that immediately after doing the exercise I felt very light-hearted and started singing and dancing around the house. Thank you very much for this gift.” "I am definitely better. I did all you said and then some. Slept for almost eight hours! Unheard of for me! Once again I'm in your debt, and I thank you immensely." “Thanks for the affirmations and the information. I feel so much better, lighter--not so weighted down or burdened like I was. Blessings for you and the work that you are doing." "Thank you so much for a new set of tools to use in self-healing. I was really beginning to spazz out from the pressure and starting to wonder if I would ever get out from under all of it. I kind of knew that I was attracting stuff that wasn't mine, but I didn't know how to fix it. I just couldn't function well enough on a daily basis to suit me. These days, I'm feeling much better energetically. I don't feel so burdened or weighed down with so much pressure or under a great deal of pressure. I feel as though I am in more vibrational alignment with my inner core essence." “I have been feeling a lot of positive and upbeat energy around me since you started---feels good and positive and loving.” "I'm feeling so much better it isn't even funny. Never ceases to amaze me how the team works. I feel better than I have in 3-4 months." “I feel compelled to write you and say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the information that you put in your blog. It resonates with me. Thank you so very much for sharing.” “Thanks! I have been really happy lately. I really admire what you do!” “I have felt things improve on the whole. My anxiety is a lot less, and my paranoia isn’t as overwhelming."

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