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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


March 10, 2009

This year more people are asking the Angel-Light team for information about their soul’s purpose/life plan. I have been reluctant to provide input because I feel it is something that is deeply personal and wouldn’t want to misinterpret or communicate incorrect information. However, recently I’ve been reconsidering and developing a master list to go by when asking the Angel-Light team to provide such information. I also have an ongoing project of going through files and papers in my storage unit to find things not on my computer drives that I want to be there. In so doing, I found helpful information provided by Dick Sutphen (a long-time metaphysical researcher and author) that I’m incorporating into my list/outline. Plan to have it ready for use soon.

Meanwhile, using just Sutphen’s information, I asked my sources about my life purpose and goal (even though I pretty much knew already). Out of seven paths/directions on his list, mine is service (not news to me). He also lists seven soul goals, and I saw two or three possibilities on the list for me personally. He acknowledges that some people have primary and secondary and sometimes tertiary goals. Now this is where I couldn’t know for sure without asking my sources. When given my primary goal is to attain knowledge, I resonated with that Information. Sutphen suggests some areas one might want to gain knowledge of, I was given my goal was to learn about sacrifice. Sacrifice? Now that’s a familiar word! Many times over the years (and just this week), I’ve been given, “We appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made.” Can’t say I’m pleased about all the sacrifices! Haven’t I learned enough about sacrifice already?

Late last year a gal who had been in the military in the Middle East asked me about her purpose and goals, so I decided to use Sutphen’s list to see if any information would be provided for her. I don’t know why I was surprised that her life path/purpose is military (which includes soldiers, police, law enforcement of all types). Her primary goal (to provide support) is right in line with that purpose. Very interesting. I’m now convinced we can be of assistance to people by providing information about purpose and goals.

The Angel-Light team will soon respond to questions about soul purpose/path and soul goals.

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