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Friday, April 24, 2009


April 24, 2009

Read a story recently about a well-known author and speaker changing his telephone voice mail message after input from Esther Hicks (another well-known author and speaker) to words something like: "I want to feel good. If your message is not going to support my feeling good, don't leave it." (Forgive me for not remembering the exact words.)It's important to remember that it's not what people say or don't say, what people do or don't do, but how we choose to feel about it. Feeling good is a choice.

So how are you feeling? What do you choose to do to support your feeling good? What do you choose to think on that supports you feeling good? Who do you choose to be with that supports you feeling good?

There are several things that support my feeling good, including spending time in nature, walking barefoot on green grass, hugging trees, long baths in a tub full of warm water. Ideally I spend quality and quantity quiet time alone every morning before interacting with people, turning on the computer, getting out and about, etc. During my meditation/ prayer/ affirmation time, I put on some music that facilitates meditative states and close my eyes and go within to be in the silence for a time--sometimes for only five minutes, other times for an hour or so. I speak aloud my I Am statements of who I Am, and my commitment to my mission, etc. Sometimes I run twelve color rays through my systems. I have a huge three-ring notebook of about 275 wellness processes that we share with supporters of this Love Work (and about 60 that we don't share often because they are too advanced for many people). I carry a few process handouts around with me in my journal notebook.

We recommend ones who want to begin giving themselves special meditation/ prayer/ affirmation time to make use of these handouts daily (at whatever time of day is convenient and quiet), and in this order: Self-Talk, Transmuting Energies, Vibrating in Resonancy, Ascension Techniques. I recommend adding the Basic Clearing Processes handout at least once a week (for maintenance purposes), and going through that before beginning the others.

I am going to list here most of the process handouts (and we also have information handouts) that are available upon request to supporters of this Love Work (some of which came through this instrument, some of which came through others, and some of which came through both): Aligning Your Bodies, Angelic Greenhouse, Angelic Vacuum Cleaner, Archangel Affirmations, Attending To Your Pain, Attuning to Soul, Aura Clearing Process, Balance Energy Zip-Up, Balancing Male and Female Energy, Balancing Technique, Ball of Light Breath, Balls of Light, Basic Clearing Prayers, Being Here Now, Bi-Level Awareness, Biofield Treatment, Blending With Universe, Brain Balance, Breaking Agreements and Connections, Christ Consciousness Spherical Breathing, Breathe Low and Slow, Kahuna Breath, Breath Practice, Breath Techniques, Bringing in Soul, Chakra Breatheout, Chakra Color Treatment, Change Work, Changing Beliefs, Changing Belief Systems, Changing Healing Affirmations, Checking for Truth, Cleansing Vortex, Cleare First, Clearing-Attuning-Protecting, Clearing Aura & Chakras, Clearing Biocomputer, Clearing Energy Field, Clearing Past Lives Negativity, Clearing Prayers, Clearing Systems, Closing Chakras, Color-Breath-Sound, Color Charge Aura, Compassion Prayer, Complete Breath Technique, Concentration, Connecting With Higher Self, Consciousness Control, Correcting Polarity, Creating Pyramid of Power, Cutting Karmic Strings, Priority Decrees, Defining Your Space, Deflecting Negativity, Demonic Energies Release, Developing Psychic Senses, Dimensional Expansion, Earth Release, Emotional Clearing, Emotional Healing, Energizing--Cupped Hand, Energy Ball Healing, Energy Breath Technique, Energy Cone, Energy Field Enhancement, Energy Field Expansion, Energy Fix, Energy Shield, Energy Testing, Entity-Robot Removal, Erase-Install, Exorcism Prayer, Expanding Into Higher Dimensions, Experiencing Psychic Sensitivity, Exploring Chakras, Eyesight Healing, Fear & Anxiety Relief, Fear Matrix Removal, Feeling Your Divine Essence, Finding Your Guides, Forgiveness Exercise, Forgiveness Prayer, Forgiveness-Rage, Forgiveness of Sins, Forgiving & Loving Yourself, Freedom From Relationship Karma, Freeing Self from Lower Vibration Forces, Galactic Healing, Genetics Clearing, Getting Into Rhythm, Golden Space Suit, Grace Prayer, Grounding, Heal Heart, Healing Discordant Relationshps, Healing Disease, Healing Prayer, Heart Control, Hong Sau Breath, Huna Prayers, I Am Now, Infinity Breath Technique, Inner Alignment, Inner Telephone, Interfering Energies Clearing, Invoking the Heavenlies, Karma Cancelling--Situations, Karmic Cleareing, Karmic Healing, Karmic Relationship Severance, Karmic Release, Kriya Preparation Techniques, Letting the Love In, Light Energy Exercise, Light Screen Clearing, Loving Treatment, Manifesting Cord, Manifesting Intentions, Meditation Tips, Meltdown Relaxation, Methods for Making Changes, Money Magnet Process, Morning Clearing, Moving Out of Fear and Anger, Muscle Test--Self, Negative Thought Forms Release, Negativity Out, Neutralizing Items, New Interpretation of the Body, Octahedron Containment, On Its Way, Opening Third Eye, Opening Throat Chakra, Opening to Love, Opening Wings, Orangae Flush Clearing, Pendulum Use, Pineal-Pituitary, Prana Mudra Exercise, Prayer for Others, Prayer for Protection, Present Time Exercises, Programming Prosperity, Protection From the Light of God That I Am, Protection Personal Grid, Protective Balloon Aura, Protective Techniques, Psychic Break, Psychic Dirt Removal, Psychic Self Defense in Real Life, Quick Clearing, Quiet and Clear the Mind, Raising Your Vibration, Rapid Emergency Defense, Reactivating Angel Wings, Reclaiming the Multidimensional Soul Self, Relationships, Relaxation--Seven Count, Relaxation--Ten Count, Release Energy--Chest, Releasing Feeling Unworthy, Release Other People's Stuff, Releasing Reversed Energies, Releasing Deceased Loved Ones, Releasing Pressure & Weight, Releasing Problems, Releasing Reversed Energies, Relieving Body Pain, Retrieving Your Energy, Reversed Energies Correction, Self-Talk, Sensing Your Body, Setting Up a Present Time Field, Seven-Chakra Breathing, Shielding-Protecting, Slipping the Shackles of the Body, Soothing Pain, Spinning Clear, Spinning to Energies, Spinning to Relax, Spirit Rescue, Spiritual Healing Affirmations, Stimulate By Knocking, Stimulate Circulation, Stomping to Ground and Center, Subconscious Programming, Subconscious Teamwork, Switched Energy Correction, Take Care of Yourself, Tapping Soul, Test for Truth, Time Continuum, Total Energy Clearing, Tower of Light Shield, Transformative Revisioning, Transmuting Energies, Transmuting Sexual Energy, Trickle Down Process, Triple Protection, Two-Ring Interlock Protection, Unhooking Yourself, Unleashing Mind, Vesseling Process, Vibrating in Resonancy, Vibrational Armor, Visualization Relaxation, Want Statements, Whole Body Awareness, Whole Body Coordination, Youth Rituals.

Contact me at the address below if you are interested in some of these processes for your personal use.

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