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Monday, May 04, 2009


May 4, 2009

There are now two books on the Recommended Reading List that very specifically deal with guidance. I only recently added "Your Essential Whisper: Six Distinct Ways to Recognize, Trust, and Follow Inner Guidance with Absolute Certainty" by LaRue Eppler with Vanessa Tabor Wesley--as a result of reading a review of Felicia Weiss, Ph.D. on www.holisticnetworker.com. I'm going to excerpt part of the review here. Weiss claims this book is filled with "incredibly helpful information" that enabled her to "be and stay connected." There are four sections to the book. The first section teaches how to recognize the six ways that our "essential whisper" (as Epper and Wesley call it, which is guidance)attempts to be heard. We're taught how to better trust our "essential whisper"/guidance in section two. In section three, we learn how to follow our "essential whisper"/guidance, including distinguishing when our inner voice is speaking to us and when we're hearing the voice of our ego. As Weiss reminds the reader in her review, "While following our inner guidance leads to positive outcomes, being guided by our ego can have disastrous consequences." The last section is about creating a partnership with your "essential whisper," including a practice guide and journal which Weiss found to be very helpful because it's about applying what has been learned. The book is far from dull for Eppler and Wesley have included real-life stories and examples throughout. Weiss summarizes: "I highly recommend 'Your Essential Whisper.' It's an invaluable book that teaches essential life skills you can use to create the life you wish to experience. By being more connected to your inner guidance, your outer world can unfold more joyously. You can live a life that is in harmony with what you truly value, and you can better achieve your heart's desire." Check out www.YourEssentialWhisper.com to learn more.

I placed Susan Shumsky's Divine Revelation (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1996) on the Recommended Reading list a long time ago. One can read and study this book by just opening it up anywhere. No need to start at the beginning and read through to the end. Part I, "Awakening the 'Still Small Voice," has two chapters: "Getting Spiritually Connected" and "The Sound of Stillness." Part II, "Getting in Touch with God," has two chapters: "God is Within You" and "Your Inner Teacher." Part III, "A Road Map to Your Inner Life," also has two chapters: "Discovering Who You Really Are" and "Developing Higher Consciousness." The three chapters in Part IV, "Opening the Pipeline to the Divine," are: "Ways to Have a Spiritual Breakthrough," "Meditating Your Way to the Spirit," and "Fine-Tuning Your Meditation Practice." There are two chapters in Part V, "Spiritual Healing and Self-Defense": "Seven Basic Methods of Spiritual Healing" and "Ways to Heal Psychic Trauma." Part VI, "Becoming Spiritually Street-Smart," has three chapters: "Voices of Self-Sabotage," "Nine Tests to Prevent Psychic Deception," and "The Answers are Within You." What a great title for the Part VII (the final section): "Waking Up Your Inner Genius." The three chapters are: "Twelve Ways to Receive Inner Revelation," "Nine Ecstatic Expressions of God," and "Little Miracles in Everyday Life."

I'll include with some important words from a section titled "The Healing Consciousness" in Part V, Chapter 11 (which is titled "Ways to Heal Psychic Trauma): "It is possible to develop a 'healing consciousness,' that is, a consciousness so clear and pure that others coming near your auric field are positively affected and cannot remain on a low vibrational level. That is because the purity of your crystalline consciousness automatically heals anyone who comes near it. Even fierce animals can behave like harmless house cats around you, as they did with the yogis of India or Daniel of the Bible. A 'healing consciousness' is developed through an attitude of continual, abiding love. It is sustained by self-authority: a state of self-reliance, self-discipline, and dominion over your life. In this state you are unaffected by your environment. Your inner light is so great that it radiates around you, creating a beautiful sphere of protection."

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