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Friday, July 17, 2009


July 19, 2009

There comes a time in one's spirtual evolution when one ceases to work with and be supported by "spirit guides" and "guardian angels" and begins working with and being supported by the his or her oversoul.

There have been some people we've met in this life who have tried to contact and become aware of their "spirit guides" and "guardian angels" but failed to do so, all the while witnessing so many others who worked closely with their own. Many of these don't recognize that they had already moved on beyond this level of their spiritual evolution before the present life began and are integrated and are to work with their oversouls. Some people think they are working with a "spirit guide" (whom they will even know by name) when they are in actuality working with their oversoul. Some people believe they are channeling entities outside themselves when they are really speaking from the level of their oversouls.

Suzan Caroll, whose body of knowledge I value, gives an easy-to-understand description of Oversouls on her site www.multidimensions.com from the first person perspective of the Oversoul, which I have excerpted here: "I am your Oversoul, . . . . I Am a huge body of light, filled with many smaller bodies of light. I float through the seventh dimension of pure love and light along with many other Oversouls. In the dimensions above the seventh, we are One, just as our many Souls are now One within our Oversoul Body. Each of the Souls within the Oversoul are incarnated in, or visiting, the lower worlds. We Oversouls contain and protect the All of our Souls while they send fragments of their Self into the "Land of Form" to gather experience. Within our protective Oversoul Body, our many Souls commune with each other without the distraction of the Souls that are contained in other Oversouls. In the lower planes, these Souls appear to be separate, just as we Oversouls appear to be separate here. The difference is that we Oversouls realize that our apparent separation is only a matter of density of light. . . . We Oversouls are in constant communication with each other and live in total unity consciousness. On the same hand, our inner Souls commune with each other in that same constant manner within the protection of our Body. We make the sacrifice of restricting ourselves to form as a service to our many Souls who are still obtaining experience in the material words. When all of our Souls have returned home, we will release our illusionary envelope and, as the One great being that we are, rejoin the rest of our Essence within the consciousness of our Elohim Self. Our Elohim Self has created our Oversoul Body to contain this particular Soul Family. Our Elohim encompasses many Oversouls, just as we Oversouls encompass many Souls. All the Oversouls within an Elohim are of the same Oversoul Family, just as all the Souls within each Oversoul are of the same Soul Family. . . . I have come to share my vision of reality with you, and to introduce you to the many members of your Soul Family who exist within me. You/I are a great being who has accepted the challenge to experience an ever descending path towards the Land of Form. I know, from where you are, you are ascending, which is why you are now able to hear my call. It is your call into my heart, the Heart of Oversoul, that allows me to send down my consciousness to take your "hand" and pull your awareness back into me. I offer you my consciousness, as you would offer your hand to one who is drowning. I offer you a vision of life that threatens no harm, no fear, no drowning in the emotions of your lower bodies. I urge you to keep our connection constantly open so that my awareness can carry you through your many impending transitions within the personal drama of your third and fourth dimensional bodies. I am pleased that you have met some of the other members of your Soul Family, who are resonating to the fifth and sixth dimensional vibrations. These members of your Family are forerunners who have completed their ascension process and are remaining behind in the lower worlds to assist their "brothers and sisters" now releasing the need to experience physical individuality. As you "download" the consciousness of these siblings into your physical form and the physical form of your planet, you will enhance the molecular spin of atoms within your physical plane to resonate to a higher frequency. . . ."

I recommend that you check out Suzan Caroll's web site (www.multidimensions.com) for the full article and other valuable information.

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