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Thursday, February 11, 2010


February 11, 2010

I've personally known some people who have been targets of the dark forces and, in most cases, why. One cosmic man (who was facilitating a breath session for me when Christ Michael the Archangel placed a large emerald cross on a chain around my neck), who is one of Michael’s agents as I am, reported three automobile accidents in a year's time where the other drivers were at fault. That's a typical way the dark controllers of this planet use to sabotage our missions. One might wonder why they don't just end our lives. Well, they have succeeded in many cases. We have a measure of protection, to be sure, but far from 100%. The struggle for control of this planetary sphere goes on at all levels--not just 3D. Some would say that it is over, that the Luciferians, the fallen angels, have laid down their arms. It is true that individuals and small groups have done so, but not the whole. (I personally facilitated the redemption of one of these.) Others would say this world is a stage, a field of play, and we're all just playing parts. Sometimes (very often recently) I feel as if I'm come back to this barbarian-like time zone from the future of peace, plenty, compassion, caring, all as one and one as all. At such times I shake my head in disgust and astonishment at all the greed, selfishness, my-way-or-the-highway mentality, killing, torturing, etc. It's like an alien world compared to the time zone I know as home.

I also have been a target through traffic accidents. A year or two ago, divine intervention narrowly prevented my stopped car (at a red light) being rear-ended by a flat-bed diesel truck going 55 to 60 mph, close to the posted speed limit. (They need to change the speed on that state highway since many homes and businesses have been built along it in that area.) I saw the truck as it swerved into the traffic lane to the right and missed me by what seemed like an inch. It just continued through the intersection toward a long line of cars that were turning in front of we who were stopped at the light. The truck went between two turning cars as if through the eye of a needle and quickly disappeared from sight further down the road. When thinking about it, I was given that it was a near miss orchestrated by the dark forces. Sure enough, when I caught up to the truck a half mile down the road, it was operating normally, starting and stopping and slowing down as needed. However, I did notice that the driver seemed stunned and shocked. He had been temporarily possessed.

There have been other such occurrences--one that succeeded in totaling the car I had at that time and getting me off the road and without a car for several years. Witnesses and police couldn't believe that the smallish car driven by a Christian-schooled teenager on his way to his part time job had knocked my big heavy car sideways to the right into someone else's new car. When communicating with his father at the scene and watching the young man, it was clear to me that he had been temporarily possessed, and it was confirmed that was also orchestrated. Escaped with sore muscles and bruises that time. Actually, being a "traveling angel" and on the road was "safer" for this Agent of the Light Force than lodging in one place for a length of time. My Divine Support Team has more work to do since I've ceased my travels and secured lodging. Well, this "Traveling Angel" requires a mechanically sound automobile that is less conspicuous than the last one! My plan is to have the best of both worlds--my own living space (as I do now) and an automobile that won't easily attract the attention of officers of the law when I'm on the road (as did the big, flashy, older model car that I recently released for salvage).

In addition to police cars coming alongside the car to be in a position to see if the license and inspection stickers were current, I have actually been pulled over and accused of violations and crimes. Three such cases come readily to mind. In all three, the police officers were obviously "organic portals" or "robotic humans" (noticeable by voices and actions) and easily used as instruments of agents of the dark forces. If you're not familiar with those terms, use my blog search feature and google or another Internet search engine to get more information.

Once when I was staying for a short period of time in the home of a shaman healer during my "traveling angel" days, he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, some entities preparing to enter his living room through a window (can go right through the glass) and quickly closed it energetically before exclaiming, "What was that?!" After he realized they were after me, he proceeded to give me some immediate lessons in "psychic self-defense" using my sword (the sword Christ Michael the Archangel gave me). Several times over the years, Michael has admonished me, "Take up the sword I have given you and never put it down." (You can search the Internet for the term "psychic self defense" and come up with lots of information.) We would like to insert here that there are many faces to Christ Michael the Archangel, many roles he plays. Also, when ones claim to be "channeling" him, if it is indeed Michael, the information goes through the filters of the person "channeling" and is, therefore, "colored" by the instrument (no matter how pure and well-intentioned). This is one reason why some "channels" of Archangel Michael feel and sound different than others and the information through one instrument seems incompatible through the instrument of another. (Of course, if one or both are not authentic "channels" of Archangel Michael, that would explain the discrepancies. As a rule, it is better to be cautious or steer clear of alleged "channeled" information--particularly if the entity coming through the instrument glorifies itself.)

One may wonder how I became a spiritual warrior (which I now call spiritual activist). A general in Archangel Michael's Light Force lived with me for several months in 1989. His story (his life in general and of being a target) was interesting enough that someone in Hollywood seriously considered making a movie about him. There was an energy resonancy between us (partially because both of us were Archangel Michael's agents)--so much so that I became infatuated with him. He fed on my energy--even from across a room, but it didn't drain me. Because my channels were clear, it energized me and felt absolutely incredible. That can be far better than physical mating (which for the longest time I didn't want because he seemed like a part of me rather than separate from me). When one of Archangel Michael's gatekeepers told me in a lengthy spiritual session that this man was a General in Archangel Michael's Light Force, but I was a behind-the-lines person for Michael, I fretted and finally exclaimed when alone, "I want to be on the front lines with [his name]!" Be careful what you want/ask for/pray for because you just might get it! You might say those were "famous last words" for me! Whew! But you know what, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Incredible!

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