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Sunday, February 14, 2010


February 14, 2010

Back in the 1990s I was given that all the aspects of my divine soul were uniting in preparation for ascension. This was before the word “ascension” became a buzz word in metaphysical circles. I was reminded of that guidance recently when scanning several documents on my hard drives about monad, oversoul, and soul. (For purposes of this article the term “ascension” is used with regard to souls—and not the ascension of the planet.)

Some general information is appropriate here. Some of it is "common knowledge." Some of it comes from Dr. Joshua David Stone, from www.multidimensions.com, and from www.keylonticdictionary.com. The information given through ancient writings, divine downloads, etc. tells us that monads are individualized sparks of the Creator. Each of the monads created twelve individualized souls. Each soul is a partial representation of its creator, the monad. Each soul created twelve soul extensions who incarnate into the densest material universe. Divine souls who are incarnated in human body-mind units are extensions of souls, just as our souls are extensions of our monads. Our monads are individualized sparks of the creator. Each soul extension is part of a soul group/family that includes twelve units—all extensions of the same soul. One’s extended monadic family is made up of 144 soul extensions.

Another way to put it is that the each soul has twelve faces (extensions) and is part of an oversoul group that is composed of twelve souls--each with their twelve soul extensions within the six time cycles, which brings us again to there being 144 soul extensions in each oversoul family. The Monad is the aspect of the Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS) that is each incarnated soul extension’s direct connection to Source. It is said that one of the requirements for ascension is that all of the soul units of an oversoul structure must be embodied in the same body. One reason for this is that ascension is an experience of the total oversoul and cannot be undertaken by just one soul unit independently. For most people well along on their path of spiritual evolving and/or awakening, uniting the aspects of the soul in preparation for ascension is well underway.

There has been a lot of confusion around the issue of uniting the aspects of the soul in preparation for ascension. As the various faces of souls unite in human body-mind units, the individual may begin to feel like a different person—not the same. It is not uncommon that such a person might feel inclined to change the name and even leave a relationship because, in reality, he/she is a different person. Once a uniting of one aspect with another is complete, normally another aspect won’t unite for a period of time in order for the changes to be easier for the human body-mind unit and its family and friends (months to years afterward, whatever is appropriate). It is said that usually each successive integration tends to require somewhat less time.

A reader might tend to assume that all twelve aspects will unite in his or her body. That may not be the case. In my case, there are eleven of us in this body. Our twelfth aspect has yet to join us and won’t in this human body-mind unit. It is my understanding that after the demise of this human body-mind unit, we’ll come back for one more life in 3D, and our twelfth aspect will join us in that body. I believe that after the twelve of us are united, there will be one more 3D life before ascension and merging with oversoul. I made a list of twenty other people—some I know and interact with and others who are well-known authors and teachers. I wanted to know the number of soul aspects united in their bodies. That information has no meaning really. However, it became interesting when I checked to see how many human body-mind units in which that particular group of twelve is currently embodied because I could compare with the number of merged aspects and know a little more. Most people on the list have aspects of their souls extended into two bodies, a few three and four, and a couple five and six. I assume that those who are closer to ascension have their extensions placed in fewer human body-mind units than those with extensions in five or six human body-mind units. There is no way to know whether or not that is accurate. It’s just a guess on my part.

After soul aspects unite in a human body-mind unit, they tend to take turns being in the forefront of the persona for a period of time, while the other souls remain in the background. Then, one of the other soul units may take a turn at being in the forefront. This may cause such a person to sometimes feel like he/she has multiple personalities. Close friends also may be sensitive to this "revolving chairs" phenomenon (called “musical chairs” by some of us). Sometimes this can create significant complications in a relationship. A person’s love-mate may experience very distinct personality shifts, and at times wonder whatever happened to the person he/she married. In my case, the husband said, “You’re not the person I married.” I met a man several years afterward whose wife said the exact same words to him. If one gathers photographs made of a person over ten or twenty years where several aspects/extensions of the soul have united, the different “faces” can sometimes be seen, At one point years ago, I began writing a book on the nature of the soul—one half with general information and the other half with specific information about my own self. The title was, “The Faces of My Soul.” Then I decided that plenty of published authors had already written books covering the subject and that mine wasn’t needed.

And this brings us to the subject of decontamination and healing of the aspects of the soul in preparation for ascension. It is important to heal all of the imbalances from previous lifetimes lived by the soul extensions. As each soul integrates into an embodiment, it brings with it residual imbalances, which, if severe, can trigger a healing crisis for the human body-mind unit—sometimes without any warning. Usually this is caused by the most recent soul extension to unite with the others in a human body-mind unit. This can include emotional and mental imbalances. For years I have told people that we’re not just attempting to clear and heal (with the Divine Reconnective Healing Process—aka Clearing-Healing Process) only the lives lived by the soul extension (although I rarely use the word extension) currently in residence in the human body-mind unit, but the lives lived by all of the soul group. Uniting the aspects of the soul in preparation for ascension includes healing.

I found it fun to spend a few minutes discovering which people I know are in my monadic family. If you want to know which of your friends, acquaintances, and family members might be, make a list (without giving any clues as to whom you suspect is), and email me for that reading.

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