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Sunday, March 21, 2010


March 21, 2010

Someone regularly sends me articles by Owen Waters, and I see them in some of my Yahoo groups. Owen Waters is the author of "Freedom of the Spirit: Four Powerful Steps to Spiritual Freedom.” This deeply insightful e-book combines some of today's most proven and time-tested spiritual practices into one powerful and effective package. It is available for immediate download at: http://www.infinitebeing.com/ebooks/freedom.htm. Owen's high level of spiritual maturity and wisdom is reflected in his words.

The latest article I received is titled, "Born Again, and Again, and Again." I have found that everyone who receives our Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis has lived between 200 and 300 lives since the last soul split--with most being between 250 and 300. My guidance always emphasizes the words "since the last soul split." I don't remember anyone else reporting those figures about the number of lives lived. Now I have found someone whose information closely matches my own (as far as number of lives lived): Owen Waters.

In his article, "Born Again, and Again, and Again," Owen claims that each soul (which I and some others call "soul extension") lives 288 lives, and I strongly suspect he is probably correct (based on my own research). Here in his own words is how he arrives at that figure: "Here’s why there are as many as 288 lives in a complete set of human experience. There are twelve astrological signs and twelve stages of reincarnatory life experience. These stages of experience range all the way from 'Inexperienced Human' to 'Master of the Human Experience.' So far, that amount of variety requires 12 times 12, or 144 lives. Then, there is the need to experience both the yin and yang versions of everything, which is typically achieved by making the choice to be either male or female for each incarnation. When you multiply 144 times 2, it equals 288. Sooner or later, the young and inexperienced soul becomes, in human terms, an 'old soul.' Then, they start tying up the loose ends in their own history of experiences in preparation for graduation into the next stage of experience in the long and fascinating journey back to the ultimate source from which we all came."

It's always nice when someone else validates my research!

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