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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May 18, 2010

Years ago, when reading an article by a well-known spiritual healer/teacher, I was struck by the words: "What you create, you can destroy." This means that if one creates anger (for example), one can destroy it. Truth! But what about the ramifications of that anger--the effects of it on self and others? That would need to be destroyed, too.

I prefer the words "transmute" and "transcend" (which pretty much mean the same thing) rather than the word "destroy." An affirmation would be: "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. I [your name] Decree I Am transmuting all fear energies I have created and am creating into love energies on a full and permanent basis now." One might also use the words "eliminate" and "terminate." An affirmation might be: "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. I[your name] Decree I Am eliminating all the causes and all the effects of the gallstones from me and mine at all levels on a full and permanent basis now." "Another useful word is "neutralize." One might affirm: "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. I [your name] Decree I Am neutralizing all the effects of all my negative imaginings on a full and permanent basis now."

One might exclaim: "I can't do that! I don't have the power to do that!" We beg to differ! To these we would say: "Intend to claim your power, move into your power. Claim it and use it." And remember that all power is to be applied in the spirit of Love.

Besides that, there are guardian angels around you who are eager to carry out your wishes as appropriate and allowed (and guardian devils for those of dark intent).

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