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Monday, May 17, 2010


May 17, 2010

Question: I haven't had to clear this whole area of dark entities for quite some time now, Just the inner ones. I like to sit out on my balcony, which half of it is covered by a sheet for privacy. No one sees me from behind my sheet. I was sitting out there last week and there came these 3 guys, who were making some kind of deliveries to my building. They appeared to be drinking. I was listening to their conversation and they were using vulgar language and using the F word. All of a sudden I felt a sickening energy come into me and knew they had dark energies and so called on my Divine Support Team to clear the whole place, as I was feeling really sick. This place has not been the same since, so those creeps must have brought dark entities back in here again. I had to clear then last night and twice today. I know that I am not going to be clearing anyone but myself for awhile. However, am I allowed to call on my team to come and clear this property and area when It needs to be done? If I don't, I suffer and my dogs suffer the consequences and feel horrible. I am not doing it myself, I am calling for my team to do It. Is that allowed?

Response: Of course, your environment is important to your wellbeing. However, I wouldn't just call on my Divine Support Team to clear environmental negativity. I would prime my energy pump and fling clearing energy around my immediate environment my own self. At the least, it makes one feel good to have that wonderful energy coming through, which raises/increases the frequencies of self and the environment.

What one focuses on expands/gets worse, and sometimes it's difficult to know if one is overly focusing on some negativity. It's almost like "you're damned if you do and damned if you don't." So what is one to do? At such times, I focus more on raising/increasing my vibrations with energy movement and breath techniques than directly on the discordant/negative/dark energies. Breath aids the movement of energy. I also use my imagination to do things--such as going within and up the channel that connects all aspects of my Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS), going up as far as 9D/Monad and merging with those energies and bringing them back. The more one does these types of things, the more proficient one becomes.

I told someone that I heard the F-word more times in six months at my last location than I'd heard my whole life. I could hear everything people walking by said and people standing outside nearby said. I am so grateful for this wonderful sanctuary that I catch myself tearing up in gratitude sometimes--like when I went outside today and walked barefoot on wet green grass and inhaled deeply after it rained.

Anyway, I couldn't change other people, but I could change my own self, and that's what I focused on--NOT shielding, but strengthening my field with breath and energy movement techniques. I knew that I didn’t want to “rock the boat” for those people at that lower-consciousness location, so I intentionally did NOT attempt to “clean house” and raise the vibrations of the apartment property significantly. I only raised the vibration a wee bit as my gift to the people and the property. We would recommend you attend only to your immediate environment—not the whole area, with your main focus being the energy and breath work for yourself. (And we wouldn’t suggest holding the opinion of the men you overheard as “creeps” in your consciousness. You don’t have to like them, but it would be to your benefit to behold the Divine in such as these and love them.)

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