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Sunday, May 16, 2010


May 16, 2010

Inquiry: Sorry to bother you with more of my problems, but I have been in severe pain all night. The pain goes from my root chakra, down into my sciatic nerve, left cheek of my butt, down Into my left hip and down my leg. The pain has kept me awake most of the night. Don’t understand what is going on. I have had a lot of sciatic nerve pain and problems in the past and was crippled up with it, so bad I couldn't walk. Had to crawl to get around. Haven't had any problem with it for years until now. I have had stuck energies removed, did the healing affirmations prayer, and cleared out my energy field. Can't think of what else to do to help myself. Please advise.

Response: I got "anger energy lodged" when I began to write something else. Hmmm! This is going in a different direction than what I planned. I wrote down a few notes to expand into a blog yesterday that I thought would be titled “Self Mastery.” However, was given the title of "Self Transformation and Healing" as a result of your message.

I would suggest starting with the transmutation of all anger energies and other negative energies that might be lodged/stuck within and around you. I'm attaching the handout about transmutation of energies. Just speaking words is not enough. One is to engage as many of the senses as possible. That is why some healing methods are accompanied by toning or music specifically created for healing. (I recommend Steven Halpern’s “Sound Healing” and “Crystal Bowl Healing.” There are many CDs of healing sounds and music available).

Imagine transformational light entering through the top of the head and flowing down into the body and out through the full body, and use full body breathing while silently repeating to self: "I [your name] Decree I Am transmuting all the anger energy within and around me and mine into Love energy now." One can also speak aloud the affirmation and then imagine the light flowing in and out while moving the arms up from the sides of the body to the top of the head and down the front of the body and out to the side--with deep breathing, I want to emphasize.

Write down all the negative emotions you can think of and do these things for them all--and not just once, but daily for a time (even if you think you no longer feel the energy and the pain has passed). The word to use to replace many of them, not surprisingly, is Love.

Of course, one can also ask one's Divine Support Team to take the pain away and/or to eliminate all the causes and all the effects without any effort on one's own part, but that won't earn one any respect. They are not to rescue us when we have created the same negative circumstances repeatedly over time and are still in the process of learning. If we the Angel-Light team attempt to directly assist in such matters and the individual’s Council or Hierarchy says "no" (because one has something to learn from it), then we keep "hands off."

It starts with our own selves. How can we teach and heal others if we haven't completed a large measure of our own healing (directly and indirectly) and achieved a high level of self-mastery? Obviously, we are NOT suggesting one is to have achieved perfection or 100% self mastery before offering self as a divine instrument. If that were a requirement, almost no one would be qualified to facilitate healing and teach others. As one might expect, when one is seeking to serve as a Divine instrument, one is guided as to what activities and practices to engage in to facilitate this (such as self introspection, purification, etc.). And, quite frankly, self-clearing/healing never ends when one is embodied at this level of existence. It never ends. It never ends. It never ends.

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Angel-Light Love
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