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Saturday, May 15, 2010


May 15, 2010

When checking out someone recently, I wondered how “spiritually awakened” he/she is, and then thought of someone else and then someone else, so I made another one of my research lists and got busy. I can pretty much tell if someone is “spiritually awakened” and whether a little or a lot, but it’s sometimes helpful to get exact figures, measuring in five-point increments on a scale of 1-100 and comparing those on the list. Interesting thing was that as I went about my research I was corrected and advised to use the term “spiritually attuned.” Now that made sense!

When meditating this morning, an affirmation came to mind and I was given the name of a person to share it with today. I’m sharing it with readers: “I Am [your name]. I Am that I Am. I Am aligning and attuning myself with the higher spiritual plan and following the higher spiritual path on a full and permanent basis now.” I have been affirming similarly for some time when I feel a little “off.” When I used these words this morning, I felt an immediate shift. (I also imagined myself moving up the soul channel and beginning to walk that higher path.) Another affirmation that is uplifting is (with the same beginning words): “I Am ascending into higher consciousness now, ascending into higher love now.” Breathing fully during affirmations and speaking slowly is very important. (I've witnessed some people affirming quickly while seeming to hold the breath, believe it or not.) Again, imagining is recommended. Glorious! Today I suggested in an email to a questioner that he/she spend more time in spiritual practices that facilitate and increase spiritual attunement and mentioned that metaphysical attunement and spiritual attunement are NOT the same thing. If the reader wants more information on the subject, contact me at both the email addresses below.

A supporter forwarded a message from Karen Bishop (www.emergingearthangels.com) that I had also received because I’m subscribed to Karen’s e-mailings. Karen is a spiritual healer and teacher who is 100% spiritually attuned (as am I). The title of Karen’s May 14, 2010 message is: “The End of WINGS and the Death of the Old.” I will excerpt a little of it here. For the full message, go to Karen’s web site (and I strongly recommend it).

“To all my readers: At the beginning of May, I left the old shell of an old self behind. Like a massive death and final ending, my time was up and everything that went along with it was gone as well. As my star family continued to tell me, ‘Your time is over now. You have finished what you came to do, and it is time to come home.’ . . . It was indeed time for me to jump into the dimension above me, and to have a very different existence than I had experienced up until then. In ‘Creating the New Reality,’ there is an explanation about soul infusion and what it feels like to be embodying a form with your soul when you have evolved beyond it [the form]. Very simply, we are not all there anymore. By following our hearts, we will automatically be taken to our next ‘form.’ So although we may at times feel we have experienced a very permanent death, because we are experiencing ascension times, we frequently have the option of dying, but can take our forms along with us. When our souls arrive in their new space, they come alive once again. . . . Currently, I am having a very needed time out for rejuvenation and for learning some new things for my new space here on the planet, and trusting that my needs will be met during this time. In times to come, my new space at www.TheHeartoftheNight.com will be available for those who desire to experience the heart energy, although the web site is nowhere near completion or even in its beginning stages at this time. . . Looking back now, I can barely remember the person I used to be. And my new space at The Heart of the Night will give me the opportunity to be in the best space with the best offerings I have yet to have experienced so far. For me, my new beginning and re-birth will be as it has been in times past--far beyond what I could have ever imagined for myself in my own mind.” Karen has not ascended into 5D frequencies. She was already there. She has ascended into 6D frequencies.

I found as I read Karen’s message that I resonate very much with it. It has seemed that I Angel-Light have been in the process of doing something similar as Karen, and have gotten the word "metamorphosis" several times over the last few days when wondering (while practicing various breath and energy and meditation procedures for longer periods of time). What Karen reported is that she is moving into a different level of being. I’ve noticed I seem to in the process of doing that, too. As she mentioned, some are choosing physical death; others, such as her own self, are taking their bodies with them. I don't yet know if I'll be physically dying or if I'll be taking my body with me like Karen. I've taken the body with me before as I moved into higher levels/frequencies of existence. Home is 9D, the Monad, where I Am One.

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