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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


June 2, 2010

Question: I am not sure I have a divine support team. I used to work with guides, but when the confusion started I could no longer be sure what I was getting so I stopped. What do you suggest?

Response: Number one is "Act As If." No doubt, you've heard that phrase before. It can work miracles. However, first relax with deep breathing in a quiet place and state your intent to do that—aloud. “I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. I [your name] intend to establish and maintain a working relationship with my Divine Support Team on a full and permanent basis now.”

Do not refer to your Divine Support Team as guides. That's so mundane and mild a term--without much respect or power. Besides, one's Divine Support Team can be made up of various ones assigned to assist, and the makeup of one’s Team will change throughout a lifetime. One's Divine Support Team is NOT to be used for selfish means.

After you have stated your intent aloud, relax and deep breathe for two or three minutes. Then begin to initiate your conversation, with words such as [for example]: “Divine Support Team, I realize that I haven’t been communicating with you in a long time. I have had so many thoughts in my mind that I couldn’t sort them out. I couldn’t recognize which came from you and which were from others. Still have the thoughts, but now I intend to sort them out better and recognize your guidance. I know you’ve been supporting me in ways I am not aware, and I want to thank you for that. I ask your forgiveness for any disrespect I have shown you. I ask your assistance with learning how to easily discern which thoughts are Divine and which are not, and I ask your assistance with eliminating the thoughts that are not mine and yours. I am looking forward to having a strong working relationship with you. Thank you.”

Then just deep breathe slowly for a while. You may sense absolutely nothing, or you might sense a feeling of love or tingles in your body, and you might even sense a few words or see something on your mind screen. Just be in witness mode, no attachment to outcomes.

Attempt to set aside some time every day for your Divine Support Team and also just do it whenever you sense it is a good time.

After a time--week, month, whatever, begin asking your Divine Support Team for their input and be open to many ways it may be given--through a sign in a store window, through a book, through an overheard conversation in public, etc. There will come a time when your mind is more silent and the words from your Team will come into your consciousness and you will recognize them. Keep acting as if and practicing, and give it time. Don’t give up!

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