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Friday, August 06, 2010


August 6, 2010

Labeling the intruder races "extraterrestrial (ET)" is inaccurate, for these have been interfering with the plan for this planet and engaged on this field of play since at least so-called prehistoric times. However, using this label is what most who write and speak on the subject choose to do, and this piece will do so as well.

If one looks at and examines the bigger picture, so to speak, including the evidence (both tangible and intangible), of life on this planet in various space-times, at the different density/dimensional levels and sub-levels, one will not only recognize there was/is a divine plan for this small planet in the Milky Way Galaxy that various races participated in creating, one will also recognize that various intruder (ET) races have managed to infiltrate and to manipulate and control humanity for their own selfish (aka service to self) purposes. The plan was to create/jump start and then step back and witness the evolution of life without interfering except in response to certain calls/prayers for assistance. As time has passed (using 3rd dimensional/density vernacular), there have been some interventions (what we call "direct divine intervention") on behalf of the planet and its life forms.

The intruder (ET) races are best examined by examining their intentions and the methods used to achieve their goals. This piece is meant to be an overview--not an in-depth study. There is so much material available in the media and the literature on the intruder (ET) races (by various names) and their history with this planet that one can easily become confused and overwhelmed by it--especially when some of it seems to contradict other of it and some sniffs of being deliberately misleading and false. So how is one to know what to believe? It is to educate one's self, read, listen, study, and draw one's own conclusions. It is not to automatically assume it's all invalid because it stretches one's reality far too much, but to file what can't be accepted or understood away in one's computer brain for a "look see" in the future when it might be more believable. That brings us back to discerning the intentions of the various intruder (ET) races as a means to differentiate among them.

Intruder (ET) races have been genetically manipulating life on this planet for a very,very long time. It is only in recent years that it has been revealed that orthodox science has been practicing genetic alteration and manipulation long before the general public became aware of it. This fact can open one up to the possibility that intruder (ET) races have been doing this "forever." Indeed, most if not all human body-mind units carry the seed, genetics, and bloodlines of all the various races--original and intruder. This is why it is difficult if not impossible to differentiate and separate and brings us once again to the intentions of the various intruder (ET) races.

Two main races that who are considered intruders who are interfering with the plan are reported to be a race called "Annunaki" whose primary objective is to control everyone and everything. The beginning of their involvement is discussed in the literature available on the subject. These tend to overshadow and in some cases occupy the human body-mind units of people in power--especially the wealthy and elected government officials. In fact, they even groom their hosts for political office. It is easier for these to work through people of certain genetics and bloodlines. It should be mentioned here that genetics can be altered throughout a lifetime--both intentionally and unintentionally--the latter through environmental toxins, etc. The Annunaki are a reptilian-type race, and some who appear to be more human than reptilian are called hybrids. There are numerous reports over the last century of people who have seen them overshadowing humans and interacted with them--including my own self. We have even had reports of people who feel themselves with claws and with tails. We would be remiss if we didn't add here that there are also the so-called ET-abduction stories, most if not all of which are actually interdimensional experiences rather than physical body. We are, after all, spiritual/energy beings who descended into this dense level of existence to live in human form.

The other main intruder race is reported to be draconian and often referred to as reptoid draconian. The so-called Illuminati (humans) are alleged to be their agents. They have also managed to manipulate and alter humans and become active in the political arena. Their agents are associated with secret societies and are involved in rituals. We will not discuss this here because of space limitations.

Almost every human is an agent of one of the intruder races/groups and/or what are called by many the guardian races. The guardian races have become more and more active in this space-time despite having a policy of non-interference because the plan has been majorly sabotaged. It is recognized that humanity has a certain measure of free will; however, when the activities of humans and the intruder races threaten the wellbeing and existence of other levels of existence and planets, intervention is deemed necessary. So we have three main groups who are involved with humanity at this time--referred to as extraterrestrials (ETs) by many (although that term isn't 100% accurate for reasons that we won't go into here). There are others, including some who are renegades.

It is my understanding that the intruder (ET) races make agents of human body-mind units of choice by implanting them. Another method is extending from humans hosting them into others. We have been removing such extensions during the Divine Reconnective Healing Process for several years now. I've discovered that when repeated attempts on behalf of an individual fail, it is usually because that person has enough of the genetics and bloodline of the intruder (ET) races that they are, in effect, impossible to remove from that influence. There are other humans who are very aware of who and what they are. One gentleman/lady acquaintance carefully inserted twice in a conversation (rather those working through that instrument did): "We ARE the Illuminati." And, yes, he/she was into bloodlines. (He/She is no longer allowed in my life because of the repeated extensions into my body.) Another individual who had the Analysis said that he/she would take his/her chances with the reptilians rather than have the Divine Reconnective Healing Process. We had exchanged quite a few emails and he/she provided several detailed reports of his/her journeys into other levels of his/her existence and found him/her self to be of the reptilian race. Interesting information, but if an individual has been totally taken over by an intruder (ET) race, then one is no longer to be in my life--even long distance.

Recently, to help me better understand the subject of the intruder (ET) races and how much humans have been influenced by and are serving them, I created a spead sheet which I later expanded. I listed over 50 people in various fields--mostly well known but others with whom I had first-hand experience. I made four columns: Guardians, Annunaki/Controller, Reptoid Draconian/Illuminati, and generic Dark Side/Evildoers (humans and renegade ETs). When looking over the results of my investigation, I discovered that many people are mostly under the influence of only one of these groupings, but that many are under the influence of more than one (meaning serving as double/triple agents). I measured how much each person on the list is an agent of the four categories using a scale of 1-100. Suffice it to say, many people are unknowingly serving those who they would not consciously choose to serve, which is one of many reasons the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis can be useful--although sometimes a recipient will deny the information and claim that all is love and light and there is no evil (which happened once in recent weeks). I had been getting his/her name for several weeks before he/she contacted me, and when responding to him/her email, I was given, "Finally!" Seems this one's Divine Support Team had been seeking to connect him/her to someone who could assist in setting him/her free from the intruders who have been moving into that instrument. Oh, well! I did my part! Seems as if the intruders were able to keep him/her from receiving the assistance.

It is unusual for spiritually unawakened/unconscious humans to be aware of who they are serving. Those awakened ones who are committed to their service as agents of the Guardian races (by various names) are an exception. However, even these can also be unknowingly serving as agents of the Annunaki/Controllers and Reptoid Draconians/Illuminati Intruder (ET) races in a small way. I read these words of James Bartley (www.theuniversalseduction.com) recently: "Some of my closest colleagues are reptilian hybrids that didn't allow themselves to be corrupted from within. It just shows that it is the quality of the soul that counts--not genetics." I totally agree! How can one not allow if one is not aware? It is for that reason that I've elected to write and post this piece--despite reservations that it may stretch the reality of some readers too far.

Because the infiltration, implantation, and genetic manipulation of humans has been going on "forever," I'm aware that removing all implants of the two main intruder races (particularly the Annunaki/Controllers) may not be possible because doing so might cause harm to the individual. However, it is definitely okay to remove the so-called Dark Side implants. Besides, only that which is allowed by the person's Divine Source Self is accomplished. This is not to claim that re-implantation cannot happen again because it is possible. However, as James Bartley says, ". . . it is the quality of the soul that counts--not the genetics." In recent days, we have begun carefully removing these specific implants from supporters and others on our maintenance list. We are already receiving positive feedback.

This instrument is in service to those called "the guardians" who are engaged in restoration of the original plan for this planet and facilitating the ascension of the divine souls who are incarnate in human form in this space-time.

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Angel-Light Love
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