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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


September 28, 2010

Recently during a combination active and passive meditation (which most of my meditations are), I was unexpectedly surprised with a "head shot" of a male Buddhist monk on my mind screen. Spirit managed to get one word in edgewise during my rapid questioning: "Penniless." I was also given to understand that this is/was one of my many lives and that the "penniless" input is relevant to my current financial challenges (although I'm certainly not "penniless").

After I dissolved the cords and connections between that life and this one, I asked to be shown other of my lives where I was/am "penniless" and "poor" that are negatively impacting this life. I was shown ten or so all at once (rather than individually), which meant that I could dissolve the cords and connections between those lives and this life all at once, which I proceeded to do.

Several months ago when reflecting on this life and some of its themes of sacrifice and insufficiency, I was given, "You had to learn to live without." I responded that as far as I was concerned I had learned the lesson and was ready to move on. Guess those ten or so other lives weren't enough! It's more likely, however, that living in a space-time such as this in a capitalist country with many young souls who are engaged in service to self and the widespread greed and materialism is alien to me and so unlike home where all needs are provided. Don't fit in and don't relate to it all.

Many people on the spiritual path don't realize how other of their lives can be negatively impacting their present lives, and many won't even entertain the idea that this could possibly be the case. I don't sense there is a problem with dissolving the cords and connections to who one was/is in other lives which are negatively impacting the current life. My reality is that if they are important for spiritual growth in this life, there will remain cords and connections. So why not explore and make some changes?

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