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Friday, September 03, 2010


September 3, 2010

Received an email recently about chemtrails and the negative effects they have on the writer. For those who don't know, contrails are the white "cloud paths" created by departing airplanes when they reach colder air in the higher elevations. The condensed vapor spreads uniformly like a veil until it is so thin that it disappears in whatever configuration the high winds have shifted it. Chemtrails are created by the emission of solutions from specially designed valves in the airplanes used for this purpose. Chemtrails look a lot like contrails, but they appear at lower altitudes and are denser in appearance. When they dissolve, they are seen as comprised of small, uneven clumps within a more confined line. Despite their heavier-than-air composition, chemtrails are a little longer than contrails even though their toxic particles are falling to Earth. The pilots of planes that release chemtrail solutions fly one way, then backtrack to make Xs or other sky lines that no legitimate flight would travel. The residue from the ejected solution is evident as tiny particles sticking to dry surfaces. These have been analyzed by people who are not connected to the military and government officials. That's all we're going to write about it here. On to my response to the email received.

"Serenity prayer, serenity prayer." That's what I tell myself when there are things I cannot change. Humanity (and life on this planet in general) is being controlled and influenced more than the unaware and unawakened know. Most are clueless. I watched a Project Camelot interview of Bob Dean recently of several years ago, and he was elderly then and showing his age and thought it would be his last public interview. As of a year ago, he was still very much alive and still speaking publicly. Anyway, he gave a couple of examples of why he strongly feels that the masses of humanity wouldn't be able to cope with what he and others know, which is why it is kept secret--except for sharing with those people awake enough to be watching such interviews and going to conferences, etc. Why? Because it trashes the world views of the majority of humans and flushes the religions of this world down the toilet! Even people who don't consider themselves overly religious are locked into the religion frameworks more than they realize. By the way, the Roman Catholic Church has, obviously, changed its stance on a number of things, and there have been reports from some in the Vatican that the Church is slowly leaking truths--slowly because they do not believe the majority of humanity could cope with too much in too short a period of time (and others, including Bob Dean and my own self, agree).

Here's an affirmation/decree for those who suspect they may be negatively impacted by chemtrails (and most are). Begin with, "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am." Then, "I [name] Decree I Am calling forth and asking you all to transcend the effects of all chemtrails on me and mine--on a full and permanent basis now." (One can substitute other words for "chemtrails," such as "geopathic stress.") Sometimes results are instant but sometimes they take a while. Reader, if you have yet to link up and engage in an ongoing day-to-day relationship with your Divine Support Team, NOW is the time! Getting emotionally upset about such things doesn't help one and only makes the negative effects worse.

And that brings me to the matter of the New Earth versus the old paradigm for the earth. The easiest source for me to quote at this moment is The New King James version of The Holy Bible, but it isn't the exclusive source for the information. Isaiah 65:17 (in a section of prophecy): "For Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind." Revelation 21:1: "Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away."

When we focus on all the negative, we are living in the old paradigm where we will remain. When we focus instead on how we imagine the New Earth to be, then we are indeed participating in creation of the New Earth--creating a new paradigm. It is also to vibrate in resonancy with the frequencies of the New Earth Grid and decree and affirm so, thusly: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am aligning and attuning me and mine with the New Earth Grid on a full and permanent basis now." Then: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am vibrating in resonancy with the New Earth Grid on a full and permanent basis now." Make these decrees/affirmations part of your daily practice.

The New Earth Grid is in place. Some will be left behind; others will live in the New Earth. Will you join me in the New Earth?

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