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Friday, September 24, 2010


September 24, 2010

During combination passive and active meditation times, which I practice almost daily, I silently affirm my resonancy with the frequencies of whatever comes to mind, such as “divine bliss” and “wonderful” and “gratitude and thanksgiving.” Usually, but not always, in between each affirmation, I affirm, “I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am.” The form of the affirmation is: “I Am vibrating in resonancy with the frequencies of _____ at all times now” (or “on a full and permanent basis now”). Sometimes guidance gives me specific words to affirm vibrational resonancy with. Other times, I just silently speak whatever comes to mind.

I was surprised to find myself affirming vibrational resonancy with “the gold ray” recently during such a meditation. For many years, I’ve been working primarily with golden light (rather than the white light), so it wasn’t the color that was unexpected; it was just using the words “the gold ray” in such a way. Of course, I know what the gold ray is associated with, but the thought occurred to me to do some research about the rays. I found that I already had some information available in document form (which we will share with supporters of this ministry).

In the ascended master teachings, the gold ray is the twelfth ray. It is the ray of Christ Consciousness. It is the culmination of all the lower rays merging into oneness with the Divine self. With the gold ray, one walks in two worlds: the earth and the etheric realms. One will know what one is doing on the esoteric level and will joyfully engage in one’s Divine mission. One will actively create one’s world on a highly conscious level. I felt so wonderful after affirming vibrational resonancy with the gold ray that I've been doing that, ending with "at all times now," several times a day ever since.

Emerald green is my absolute favorite color with gold being second, and I wear clothing with these colors as often as possible. Which color(s) do you resonate with? Red (1st ray)? Blue (2nd ray)? Yellow (3rd ray)? Emerald Green (4th ray)? Orange (5th ray)? Indigo (6th ray)? Violet (7th ray)? Seaform Green (8th ray)? Blue-Green (9th ray)? Pearlescence/Silver? (10th ray)? Pink-Orange (11th ray)? Gold (12th ray)? Each ray has different qualities and vibrating in resonancy with one can brings shifts and changes and improvements, so choose carefully based on the descriptions of the rays (which we can provide or you can find on the Internet).

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Angel-Light Love
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