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Thursday, September 09, 2010


September 9, 2010

Excerpt from Email Received: I haven't been feeling well. There have been water leaks and there is mold in the kitchen. It is called "The Hidden Death." Called management, and they sent a guy to check it out. He told me it might be a week or more until he could replace the molded kitchen countertop. I told him that if something wasn't done about it this week, that I was calling the health department. I told him that breathing that mold in was making me sick and I was not waiting another week or more while my health deteriorated. I am prepared to call the health department If I have to. Can't move yet without money or a place to go. Surrendered this.

Response: Yes, doing all you can and then surrendering is the best you can do. I did something out of character the other day--although I wasn't emotionally upset in the solar plexus when I did it. It was late Friday afternoon and I lost Internet service. I took the usual steps to reset the modem, but they didn't get results. When I called the cable company, she tried but couldn't reset the modem from the office as they usually can, and she said she couldn't schedule a tech to come out until Tuesday morning--3 1/2 days away. A part of me did NOT intend to be without Internet service during a long holiday weekend, and I threatened to switch over to another cable company if someone didn't get out here the next day--Saturday. Told her that even if they had to pay a contractor overtime and holiday pay, I wanted someone out ASAP.

Despite my giving the cable company tech every piece of info I could, she didn't realize that the modem wasn't getting a signal, which is why she couldn't reset it from her end. In retrospect, she must have insufficient training. I didn't recognize that the modem wasn't getting a signal until later. It couldn't pick up a frequency signal and couldn't be reset. Very strange! Never had any problem here (where I've been for almost five months) until Friday night--right before a long, holiday weekend. After we ended our conversation, I asked Divine for restoration of my Internet service a couple of times, and looked at the modem occasionally with expectation of results. It began getting a signal several hours later when I was ready to retire for the night.

Occasionally, when I ask for something, I get a response of, "Be careful what you ask for." Shortly before I lost Internet service, I had been hearing a frequency in my left ear and realized someone was targeting me with a frequency generator or radionics device of some sort. (This happens due to the nature of my work. More information is available about such things on the internet.) I asked at length and in a specific way for its termination--including destruction of the equipment! I realized later that the way I asked also covered the frequency being delivered into the cable company modem. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!

You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Threatening something is almost never the right thing to do--even if you're facing being without Internet service for four nights and three days or living with black mold in your home. Kindness and kind words and expressions of gratitude to others achieves one's goals quicker and easier. I seem to recall that you have reported giving similar threats to get what you want heretofore. Remember: sweetness and sugar (and better sincerely given than fake).

It is to be grateful in all things. We suggest sitting down with a big sheet of paper and write down the things you are grateful for about your living space, for example: roof over your head, dogs and cats allowed, etc. Then give thanks every day FOR your living space. As long as you dislike it and feel negative emotions about it, you're pretty much sticking to it like glue. Also, you can give thanks TO your living place and then add: "I release you, I let you go. I'm moving on to a better place." Before entering your door and the door to the building, pat it affectionately and speak these words. Even if you don't feel the gratitude, if you speak it often enough, you'll begin to feel it.

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