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Sunday, November 07, 2010


November 7, 2010

I read a piece recently about alignment with Source energy which inspired me to make another one of my survey sheets--this one of only about twenty people, including supporters of this ministry. When surveying with the aid of the Angel-Light Team, it is important for me not to have expectations and to remain neutral. I would not want to "color" the results with my expectations. There are different ways of asking for the same information, and there are different words that can mean the same thing--or close. For example, one would assume that "level of spiritual awakening" (scale of 1-100) would be similar to "percent alignment with Source energy," but it is not exactly the same. Another recent survey was about "level of spiritual awakening." I have changed the question of "% connection with source" on the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis to "% alignment with Source energy." Like these words better.

When I began thinking about the various direct ways one can align one's self with Source Energy, I saw an image on my mind screen of hands aligning what seemed like small children's building blocks in a neat row. Source likes to give me illustrations to complement or facilitate my understanding. Of course, we're all aware of some things that facilitate our alignment with Source, such as time spent in nature (like the short nature walk I took near trees yesterday) and quiet meditative times, such as paying attention to what we're watching and listening to (violent? assaulting to the senses?).

We can increase our alignment with Source energy first by intending to do so and voicing that (and some people also like to write the words). Begin with, "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am." Then: "I [name] Decree I Am aligning myself maximally with Source energy on a full and permanent basis now." One can substitute "100%" for maximally. One can also employ the assistance of one's Divine Support Team, such as, "I Am asking you all to align me and mine 100% with Source energy on a full and permanent basis now."One can substitute "100%" with "maximally," of course.

After one affirms and decrees, a period of quiet time while being open to guidance on aligning with Source energy can be beneficial. One might see words or an image on one's mind screen. One might hear the soft whisper of Holy Spirit or one's Guardian Angel. One might have a memory show up in mind. One's eyes might fall on a book or magazine cover with a message. Guidance might come later or the next day while overhearing a conversation in a public place. And if something is presented to you three or more times in different ways, then pay attention!

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Angel-Light Love
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