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Monday, November 08, 2010


November 8, 2010

Email Query: What does anger do to the human energy field? What does fear do to the human energy field? Same or variations?

Response: It has been said that anger is a crying out for love. It can also be a crying out for someone to pay attention and listen. It has also been said that people who overtly express anger are really in fear at some level. I don't know if this is 100% accurate, but it is very accurate. If one is holding a lot of anger and gets an aura photo via Kirlian photography, it usually shows up as red energy--especially if it is very near the surface or has been recently expressed. In fact, fear and most if not all negative emotions show up as shades of red, although to say that is the only way it is revealed in Kirlian photography would be inaccurate.

Extreme anger and fear expressed can damage one's energy bodies, creating openings for entities/energies of similar frequencies. (Like attracts like.) After an "angry fit," one would do well to do some energy clearing and repair work through prayer or other means or ask a healing facilitator to assist. On January 1, 2000, when I had about four days of grief and anguish and yelling and crying after finding the man I had been "seeing" off and on for eight years (patiently waiting for him to want me enough that our ten-year age difference didn't matter) had married a younger woman but still wanted to be involved with me, I did some serious damage to my energy bodies. I numbed my heart toward him for a year, but then invited him back into my life for a couple years, but I couldn't get past his choosing another woman and then covertly spending time with me, so I ended it. This is not to say that a big part of me doesn't still want him, but I won't be involved with any man again unless he is a vegetarian on the spiritual path.

Anyway, let's get back to the subject. Anger is not to be expressed; nor is it to be suppressed. There are healthier ways to address one's anger. And joining an "encounter therapy group" where people are encouraged to yell and scream and hit pillows, etc. is definitely not one of them--no matter how good it may feel temporarily. That's just doing more damage. Every negative emotion has an underlying cause or causes. I call them "core causes" and "root causes." Sometimes these are all about the current life; other times they can be found in other lives of the soul. One or more of the subpersonalities may be responsible. This is why we recommend getting to know one's self well and encourage partnership of the soul mind and the body mind/ego/personality, with compromises so that the needs of any part are not suppressed. Depending on the source of the anger, it can take one or two spiritual healing sessions to uncover or require many. Most persons are somewhere in between. The Divine Reconnective Healing Process we offer can weed out contaminants nearer the surface, which leaves space for the deeply rooted causes to come up for clearing and transmutation.

One way to deal with one's anger when one senses it, is to affirm/decree as follows: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I Am transmuting all anger energies within and around me and mind into love energies on a full and permanent basis now." Self-talk can also be beneficial. First one acknowledges the anger with self-talk, and then one offers rational explanations and suggestions. Using the "we" pronoun is very important because, indeed, each human body-mind unit has several personalities, many of whom are called "subpersonalities." On the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis we offer, we report them as "major personalities" and "minor personalities." We often find that after the Divine Reconnective Healing Process that some of these subpersonalities have integrated. Having subpersonalities is NOT a dis-ease. There have been many well-known therapists who have published articles and books on the subject and told of their experiences with themselves and others and give guidelines for working with one's subpersonalties. Many claim doing so can greatly enhance one's life and wellbeing. The bottom line is that one does not want negative emotions suppressed and boiling under the service.

I have known people who choose to get angry about things they can do little or nothing about--such as the chemtrails I discovered when I ventured out today for a walk to the grocery store where I spent all the dollars in my purse--something else one can choose to get angry about. I chose to laugh and be grateful for the coins (about $5.00 worth) remaining. Here's a good affirmation: "I know I Am rejoicing because I have money on hand and more money coming in for my immediate use now. Thank you!"

We recommend not expending one's energy and doing damage over the small stuff. Far better be it to be calm and centered and witness life rather than get overly emotional about it on a day-to-day basis. I believe it was Emmett Fox who many decades ago created the following affirmation: "I Am poised and centered in Divine Mind and nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul." So be it!

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