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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


November 24, 2010

When in meditation this morning, I remembered a person in the North Central Texas wholistic community in the early 1990s who complained that he/she felt something big in his/her intestines and a series of colonics (colon irrigations) had not helped alleviate the symptoms. If I had known then, what I know now, I could have helped. It was an energy entity, sometimes called a “spiritual intrusion.” I also remember a person who said he/she felt a big blow to the lower back when sitting in a restaurant and who had been having pain and discomfort in the area ever since it happened. At that time, I knew what it was and could help, but that person chose to follow a less metaphysical route to healing instead. It was an energy entity and its removal would have provided relief—a simple thing, really. We have assisted many people experiencing intrusions and invasions over the years.

Received an email recently that is appropriate to share since this is Thanksgiving weekend in the USA: Each Wednesday I go to my mother’s house for a family dinner. I usually look forward to seeing everyone and catching up. However, before too long I start to pick up the pain and anger in their energy fields. I feel the pain in my auric field, and if I'm there too long I start to feel physical pain as well. I was wondering if you know of many people on the spiritual path that have the same issue? Unfortunately, it makes me want to avoid most social situations due to my sensitivity. I actually don't know what the solution is.

My response: Your empathy level is 55 on a scale of 1-100, which is high, but it could be worse. You and your Divine Support Team can lower this, the goal being the lessening of your empathic abilities so that you don't pick up and carry the stuff of other people.

I use "I Am" decrees and affirmations on a daily basis--whenever I notice something amiss. Do you? The blog site is filled with tips for self-maintenance. Are you using them? Practice makes perfect! If you haven't been reading all the blogs, I invite you to start at the present time and read your way back through the archives as time permits. I find I remember and learn things from reading the older blogs my own self, and I see no reason for that not to be the case with you.

Again, you and your Divine Support Team can eliminate and terminate a lot of your issues. We'll review some tips here.

Say several times a day--powerfully, aloud: "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am." And say it before every decree/affirmation.

"I [your name] Decree I Am calling forth, asking for, and commanding ________________________ [fill in the blank]--on a full and permanent basis now."

A few suggestions for the blank: "the lessening of my empathic abilities . . ." ". . . the clearing and releasing of all the stuff of other people I'm carrying . . . " ". . . the clearing, releasing, and removal of all beings with negative agendas from my physical body and auric field . . ." ". . . the clearing and releasing of all psychic weight and all emotional weight me and mine are carrying . . ."

There are hundreds of others, but you get the idea. I think it's about time I make up a new document with the most important affirmations/decrees one can use for one's self on a daily basis.

It also helps when you do these if you imagine a big ball of golden white light above you as you take a deep breath and imagine it coming down through you powerfully when you exhale. Also, use the procedure (which we have in document form and share with supporters of this ministry) of swinging your arms up from the sides of your body to meet over the head as you inhale, and then swing them down over the front of your body and out to the sides as your exhale, before returning them to their relaxed position beside your body.

At your service (locally and long distance), we are One known as Angel-Light. Our ministry is supported by donations. If you have been inspired by or assisted by or have learned from this article, you may want to show your appreciation with a donation.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator (Spirit-Mind-Body-Environment)