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Thursday, December 09, 2010


December 9, 2010

We are souls living in human animal bodies, spiritual beings having a 3-D physical experience. Only about 50% of incarnated souls have recognized they are spiritual beings living in physical bodies. All but about 20% of human bodies are hosting divine souls at this time.

Spiritual awakening occurs a little at a time for most of us, although some of us have spontaneous kundalini awakening experiences and others of us are assisted by advanced spiritual teachers who are sometimes called gurus. Frankly, there are other ways to experience spiritual awakening gradually--which to me is a healthy thing. People who have read my words on this site over the past six years are aware that, in most matters, it's not either-or or off-on, and there are degrees of this, that, and the other. In other words, there are degrees of spiritual awakening, etc.

The Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis in its current form measures the percentage of activation of the internal soul template and the percentage of activation of the soul signature. (We also activate these as much as allowed in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process.) The internal soul template of the average souled human is 30% activated; the soul signature of the average souled human is 35% activated.

In the Analysis, we also measure the soul's entrance frequency and current frequency and determine if the soul is a hybrid (meaning the soul has lived in other than human form elsewhere in the galaxy). We check for the energy signature of the Soulkeeper. This means that spirits in transition see the signature and attach and hang around seeking assistance. We also check for the energy signature of Starseed/Walkin, meaning souls on mission to assist humanity in its evolution. We find the soul's polarity (and neutral is desired over positive or negative). We find the number of lives the soul has lived in human form on earth since the last soul split. (There's not enough space here to explain what "soul split" means, but some readers will already know.) We check for parallel lives (and researchers have found up to four simultaneous lives on earth). We find how many karma balancing lives are remaining. We find how activated the psychic receptors are (and the average souled human measures 35%). We also activate the psychic receptors as much as allowed in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process. We determine the level of empathy. The average souled human measures 40 on the scale of 1-100. There are many "psychic sponges" who measure much higher.

We have written several articles about our multidimensionality and what is called the Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS). (You can use the search mechanism on this site to find them.) We provide the highest level aspect of the MSS downloaded during the previous thirty days. We also report the percentage of the multidimensional operating system downloaded and the percentage activated. We narrow down the soul's purpose and goals and life themes.

There are about 150 pieces of information revealed by the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis. I was surprised! I hadn't counted in a while and was telling people there are about 75. Wow! I did know that it was taking much longer to do and then to report and had doubled its value beginning several weeks/months ago. The section on energy is also large. The section on personality is smaller.

The Analysis provides reference points and reveals areas where one can use assistance (particularly with contaminants and interferences).

At your service (locally and long distance), we are One known as Angel-Light. Our ministry is supported by donations. If you have been inspired by or assisted by or have learned from this article, you may want to show your appreciation with a donation.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator (Spirit-Mind-Body-Environment)