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Saturday, March 05, 2011


March 5, 2011

Email Query: What is the divine support team you refer to on the ID forum? How do we find them? I work with nature teams inspired by [name deleted]. Are these similar? Thank you!

Response: Our June 2, 2010 post titled "Partnering With Your Divine Support Team" will partly answer your question. You can access this through the search mechanism in the upper left hand side of the home page of this site or by scrolling down to the archives on the right hand side. We will add a few comments here. It is commonly believed/known that every soul has a Guardian Angel assigned upon agreeing to incarnate in a particular human body-mind unit--as a matter of "birthright." That is the beginning of one's Divine Support Team. Other beings offer support off and on--such as one's spiritual family who aren't incarnate. If a being downloads into a human body-mind unit for a specific mission as an agent of, for example, the Guardian Races, one is assigned assistants/supporters who oversee the mission and help in any way they can. One can also choose to call in Divine Support Team members for specific purposes. Depending on one's level of spiritual awakening and the frequencies one is carrying (one's vibrational range), one will naturally attract "unseen friends" of the same or similar frequencies. If one pledges allegiance to a particular being, then one attracts the support of that being and its agents (assuming one is accepted). Also, beings will attempt to recruit ones who they feel will enhance their own agendas--many times not in one's best interest. If one is successfully recruited, then additional Divine Support Team members are provided. So it can be understood that one's Divine Support Team does not necessarily remain the same over time (except for one's Guardian Angel, of course).

As far as nature teams, such as fairies and elves, these can be of assistance, but not as much as one's own Divine Support Team. These could be considered loving, joyful playmates. In fact, we find that fairies, elves, and even cetacean lifestreams and consciousness units can download into a human body-mind unit and work in that way. There are quite a few articles on the subject posted on this site. Everyone who has received the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis over the years has been found to have both humanoid and non-humanoid lifestreams in residence (and these usually do not stay the same throughout a lifetime).

In my reality, the so-called "Great White Brotherhood" are not too far removed from 3D incarnated souls--which is not to criticize their teachings in any way.

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