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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


August 2, 2011

Recently, a supporter let me know that he had been taken to the hospital in an ambulance because of a wierd accident/fall when removing things from his car. The circumstances were unusual and it felt strange and even like an attack on his person. He asked me to confirm that it had been an attack. My response follows:

Sometimes when such things happen they seem surreal. Sometimes they come in "out of left field" and don't "fit." Sometimes they are the strong anger of one person at another person. If one harbors anger, then the anger of others can more easily find one because of corresponding frequencies. Sometimes one just happens to find one's self in the energy field of another person who is carrying a lot of anger in general, and it can be enough to cause a fall or accident. It has a velocity that can be enough to knock one down. There may or may not be another person nearby who makes physical contact. So these types of occurences can be harmful but not necessarily evidence of a direct attack on a person. I sense that your accident was not caused by a direct attack.

It is a rare occasion to find me angry--very rare. However, once during the "traveling angel" years, it came to within a few days of about a two-week house/pet sitting gig for someone I assisted several times a year, when I was informed that a relative would also be there in the house while my host was out of town. I had been so looking forward to being there in his sanctuary with his animals and was disappointed and upset and even angry because I had been desperate for some quiet, alone time and my alone time had been taken from me. I was surprised at my negative emotions, truth be told, because it was so unlike me. Was obviously truly in need of some precious quiet, alone time. On the day of my arrival at the home, when doing some gardening for my host while harboring those negative emotions, I telepathically received/heard, "So we have this angry person here," and I was either pushed by that unseen one or fell. It was powerful enough that the metal wire and edging scraped skin in various places and made a long cut in my leg that bled freely and took some effort to stop.

One could say that I created or attracted that "accident" because of my negative emotions. Or one could say that because I was so upset and not paying attention as I gardened, I stumbled and fell (and it's true that I'm clumsy). Or one could say that I was pushed (attacked). Or all of the above! Whatever! Things happen.

I'm reminded of an affirmation, "I am poised and centered in Divine mind, and nothing can disturb the calm piece of my soul."

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