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Sunday, October 23, 2011


October 23, 2011

I have permission to share the email comments of a supporter who has received the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (and odds and ends of work) for himself several times over the last three years and referred others:

It is difficult for an individual, however intuitive they may be, as of course you are, to really understand the effect they can have on others--how their interaction can benefit someone. So one probably needs others to remind them of that impact.

The benefit you give is largely "unseen.” You have to understand how the services you provide benefit a mind-body unit, and most people are not able to understand this. Actually the article you sent me from Denise LeFaye is very much "on point." I am sure that the article is correct in saying that after the catastrophe of 11,000-12,000 years ago (as Barbara Hand Clow has so ably written about in "Catastrophobia" and, of course, as written about in Allen & Delair's book, "Cataclysm!") there was a period of devastation on Earth which allowed a "portal of opportunity" for dark beings to get a foothold in a "free zone" and entangle/trap humanity--as we can see has happened. So what your services are doing is to "unentangle" those souls (particularly those souls that came to help in the coming change who become ensnared again in the web of the dark forces and have to be released so they can continue along their path). This service is an "unseen service”--and only those who understand the benefit of your work will "get" what you are doing. Your services are increasingly critical in the coming times, so stay here at least for the coming changes. You are important.

It reminds me of some discussions I have had over the years in a corporate environment where people have said to me, “Why do you earn so much money? I can't see what you do.” I always say, “The best work is unseen. I ‘catch’ things before they become a problem, I understand ‘risks’ before they occur and eliminate them. You don't see that, but it saves millions of dollars for the corporation.” And that is essentially what you do, Angel-Light. You stop a soul “from being lost.” So I thank you, not once, but a million times! [end of comments]

And thank you for allowing me to share!

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Angel-Light Love
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