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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


December 27, 2011

Because I carry the energy signature of a “Soulkeeper,” so-called earthbound spirits, aka lost souls, aka wayward spirits recognize I can assist them

Today a young boy “spirit” approached me and introduced himself: “My name is Luke, and I’m seven years old.” Whenever there is a child involved, I abandon my usual practice of asking if there are any others around needing assistance in order to give the child my undivided attention and to create a comfortable transition home, answering any questions, etc. Luke didn’t ask any questions but I can sense are there are concerns and questions. He wanted to go back to “living” again—not to go home to heaven.

I gave Luke some facts (based on my experience and knowledge) that might help him understand how things are set up and feel more comfortable. I began with telling that he is living still—just not in his body, which had died (and I was given it had been dead for over 60 years). After calling in specific beings to escort Luke home, I encourage him to begin his journey home with words which many children are familiar with: “On your mark, get set, go!” And off Luke went with his escorts!

It always feels so wonderful to facilitate the rescue and deliverance of those who have been trapped or wandering. And I’m left with a sense of satisfaction when retrieving soul fragments and missing energies of beings who are still embodied—but that’s another story.

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