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Sunday, January 08, 2012


January 8, 2012

The following words were written in response to an email received from a supporter about the difficulty of his/her workplace with co-workers largely of "reptilian mindset." (Generally, there are two kinds of people in this world: service-to-self and service-to-others. Those who have what is called the “reptilian mindset” are largely service-to-self.)

I realize that some of what I'm about to communicate may go against the grain of many so-called "new thought" teachings, but here it is (from experience of myself and some others). Although it may be difficult, choose to step up to the higher, well-lighted path to view the goings on at the level of this workplace (or other incompatible environments) "from above," so to speak. Nonattachment is necessary (as much as possible).

When it is necessary to place one's self in a very difficult environment, among persons who are not of similar or same mindset/consciousness (such as a workplace), one is to set one's self apart energetically, as one encased in a strong cocoon of high-vibration light and breathe that light in and out. (Bright gold is my preferences. It is the guardian ray of the white ray. Some prefer clear light.) The cocoon is fed "from above." Imagine it. Intend it. It is important not to contract one's energies, but to allow the cocoon to do whatever is needed.

It is to think and feel and sense that one is "IN the workplace" but not “OF the workplace." At the same time, go the extra mile, so to speak, to be friendly and congenial and helpful. Otherwise, one is setting one's self up to be eliminated from that workplace.

Have you ever seen a poker game in the movies or on television? If so, you know what is meant by "poker face." It can serve one well when one is in an "alien" environment (incompatible with one's own being), such as a workplace where the majority of one’s co-workers are of a “reptilian mindset.” The body will be functioning as usual--normal breath, not holding the breath, and the face will not give any clues as to what hand a person is holding unless one wants to put out false clues to mislead others (which can prove useful in some situations).

In addition, all day, every day, it is very important for one to "act as if" one is powerful and can do anything--that one has "unseen friends/supporters" to "take care of business." Powerfully, call forth, ask for, command, and give thanks for whatever it is one wants, communicating silently in public, of course. Most importantly, it is to remember to breathe, breathe, breathe. At some point, one will feel the power, and there will be no need to pretend.

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Angel-Light Love
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