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Thursday, April 26, 2012


April 26, 2012

Early one recent morning I shared a “real hug” with someone I had not met before--a spiritual metaphysical person who had come by to pick up a box of books and CDs I was giving away. After he/she left, I began seeking the reason I felt no Divine light energy flow through me during that hug as I have been accustomed. To say I was concerned would be an understatement. I always have felt wonderful Divine light energy when sharing “real hugs” with people. There have been few opportunities to do so since I’ve been without transportation to get out and about and spend time with people of similar consciousness who are open to hugs—over two years now, so I very much appreciate every shared hug with people who are open to them. You can imagine my distress after today’s “dead hug”!

When one has emotions involved in a personal search for information and Divine guidance on a matter, it is not easy to receive clearly, so it took me longer than usual to discover why I had felt no Divine light energy flowing during the hug earlier in the day. I recognized there were blocks—but where? Long story short, I found my soul cord pathway to be about 50% blocked. Called upon my Divine Support Team to remove and clear the blocks immediately! Then, while the clearing was being accomplished, as is my usual practice, I checked the 33 people on the current list for blockages in the soul cord pathway (at this time). Of the 33, 11 were 50% or more blocked. Couldn’t pinpoint any correlations (such as age factors) among the results. We have begun addressing this issue for everyone as allowed.

There are numerous reasons a soul cord pathway can become obstructed, and some can be blocked more easily than others. There can be Divine blueprint corruption, trauma to the body, birth defects, intentional blocking by people engaged in the black arts and targeting others, and interference by astral entities of various levels, to name a few. When one approaches every dis-ease as energy to be shifted, changed, or removed, one can better achieve desired results. There are intricacies, of course, and variances among individuals. It is not always a simple matter to address such issues. And, by virtue of living as human in this density/dimension, we expose ourselves to this, that, and the other over and over again. So it’s not “once clear, always clear.”

Someone messaged me to ask me to send him/her light several hours after the morning hug, and I promised to do that and more. I asked Divine for certain blessings for this person—sincerely and with love. Immediately felt Divine light energy flowing strongly through me for him/her. And my soul cord pathway clearing is almost complete.

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Angel-Light Love
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