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Sunday, April 29, 2012


April 29, 2012

I am sharing some comments received from a supporter/benefactor of my ministry (with permission).  My comments are in brackets like this [ ________ ].

I feel I am finally starting to understand the way life works, the real "unseen world" that dominates us.  Thank goodness there are a few people who understand the wider reality. Most people simply don't understand what is "out there" nor do they care. They are more concerned with everyday issues like getting to work on time, paying the bills, struggling with a relationship, or whatever--most of which is simply designed to drag you down and make you less "spiritual.” I sat down yesterday and tried to step above the everyday pettiness and move to a more spiritual footing for a few minutes. It's a good thing to do when you are surrounded in one's daily life by small-minded people and often people who slavishly follow "religion." If only they knew that the "rules" are designed to restrict you, and are meaningless in the spiritual context/world. 

What came to me is that we are souls living inside (and utilizing) a mind-body unit, and there are lots of other entities that also want to use that mind-body unit, too. [So few people are aware that human body-mind units are hosts, "made in the image and likeness" of some ones called gods, and inhabited with souls created by the so-called gods and other life forms. Just that is incomprehensible to most people. Even some people we have done the analysis for can't understand it.]

We have to weed out the entities that are not good for our development from those entities that are--ones that are incompatible from those that compatible.  As you stated in your last email, there are people (such as politicians, leaders, etc.), who are "taken over"  [possessed, occupied, and used—from 5% on up to 95%] by the darker forces, and those darker forces/entities are incompatible with what I want to take along with me for the ride inside my designated mind-body unit. The entities I want with me should be helpful to my development, and allow me to develop in the way I planned, and guard and protect me, if possible, but certainly promote in me the kind of conduct which is appropriate--in other words, service-to-others type conduct rather than service-to-self.

It is so hard to explain to people the fact that we are a spirit inside a physical incarnation. And that is also what the reptilians [controllers] and more angelic entities are doing, too--living with us, our spirit, inside a physical incarnation, a mind-body unit, so we can all experience "life on earth." None of us are "seen": Just the mind-body unit is "seen." So why the fuss about David Icke and others who say that the reptilian breed are here and affect us?  They do!  In some people there really are "demons" living within the "body," and these must be extracted to gain happiness. Happiness is what we are searching for--understanding that is vastly more important than sweet statements about "love" (though we must understand what love is too, of course). Only with that knowledge can be understand the true meaning of life on earth. The key seems to be what the soul takes with it on its ride, what it allows inside the mind-body unit it is utilizing--whether they are primarily lighter forces or darker forces.

There is of course a balance in the world I live in. I'm not a Mother Teresa, never will be, and I am insignificant in that sense, though I form part of the "100 monkey syndrome"--the syndrome like Occupy Wall Street, or the fall of the Berlin Wall, where sufficient numbers of people start to think in a particular way and then the world can change. We all help that change in our small way, and help stop the darker forces. [Yes, put an end of their control and manipulation of humanity at large.]

Angel-Light Note:  Well put!  Nothing more I want to add.

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