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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


July 10, 2012

Some people are a little slow to figure things out (i.e, me)! Finally, thanks to the Karmic Board and Divine Council of an individual for whom we provided the In-Depth Analysis and recently initiated the Divine Reconnective Healing Process, I've learned that I must specifically get clearance from a person’s Karmic Board for approval of work done. When they object to something, they’re willing to grant Grace for some things, but when that Grace is not forthcoming, their ruling stands.  I had set up my framework differently—asking permission, but not including the Karmic Board specifically. This has not been a major issue until this particular case because a major part (about 55%) of his/her lifetime’s trials and tribulations are karmic in nature.

I had been experiencing some major interferences and interruptions and only recently confirmed their origination. This person’s Karmic Board finally communicated to me in words I could understand. I've explained how I've been operating, and they instructed me how I need to be operating as far as permissions. I think we've reached an understanding (knock on wood) and our work for this individual will no longer attract their ire. We have around 500 separate points we cover in the DRH Process, and it is my understanding that now his/her Karmic Board will consider each separately. If they object and won’t grant grace, then that item will not be addressed through our work.

After this seemed to be resolved, I thought of someone else I’ve known for years via Internet whose lifetime has been a difficult one and undergoes psychic attacks and endures spiritual oppression.  No one, including my own self, has been able to do much more than “put on bandaids” over the years.   He/She has appreciated the assistance and relief experienced, but wishes it were more long term/permanent. Anyway, I checked and found that only 25% of his/her issues are karmic in nature, 20% are generic dark side violations and abuse, and 55% are because he/she is an empath (55% empathic at this time).  This translates that his/her focus is to be on self-work—boundaries, etc.

I asked about violations and abuse I’ve experienced this year and found only 5% is specifically karmic in nature, 15% is empath issues, 35% is because of my work (resistance on the part of contaminants we release from people), with the majority (45%) generic dark side stuff.  There are people engaged in the dark arts who target me for several reasons. There are also demons of darkness and evil spirits attached and working on people who come into my energies in public places, although this is minimum. Covertly casting out demons of darkness and evil spirits from strangers can be fun and exhilarating.  The expression on faces of people afterward is evidence of success. (FYI:  Whenever these are removed, we replace them with Divine light energy, and send them away to a holding facility for processing, which is sometimes healing and transformation and redemption.)

This recent “karmic board” interaction has been enlightening and fascinating.

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