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Monday, July 16, 2012


July 16, 2012

“Secret Millionaire” is a reality television show in which millionaires go undercover into lower-income communities (usually out of their home cities) to volunteer at various charities. They do just about anything—construction work, food distribution, working with disabled children, and more.   The charities are told that the cameras are there to film documentaries.  After several days, the millionaires reveal who they are and write checks for thousands of dollars to the charities.  It originated in the UK in 2006 and is also in Australia.  I watch the USA version on the ABC television network which airs on Sunday evenings.   Last night’s episode of “Secret Millionaire” was the best yet—and not just because it was a San Antonio, Texas millionaire in his own city and I’m a life-long Texan.  

I don’t watch much television, but I love shows about people helping people. I was a big fan of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” too (although I questioned the prudence of building mansions for people who had almost nothing—a practice they changed as time passed).

Sending small donations to charities and people in need (which I do now) is better than doing nothing at all, but I prefer personal delivery--which is how I assisted individuals and charities during the “traveling angel” years when I had an automobile.  When I assisted people with downsizing and decluttering, there were lots of items I took to charities.  Also bought used luggage and back packs and duffel bags (and purchased some new) to donate to homeless people who were using garbage bags and odds and ends to carry their things.  Sometimes I took grocery orders from people living out of their cars and bought and delivered them. I carried groceries and supplies around in my car and other odds and ends as space permitted.  I so wanted a big conversion van, but the only one I ever had turned out to have too many issues and I didn’t use it long.  Once there was a homeless woman walking barefoot who I gave shoes, a backpack, snacks, etc. Once I parked my car at a truck stop to sleep for the night and telepathically “overheard”  my angels discussing a couple with a baby who needed some assistance.  For some reason (smile), I felt I needed to move my car to the other parking lot for the night.  I was awakened two or three hours later by what felt like someone bouncing my car and listened to a male and a female truck stop employee talking with a couple with a baby.  Leaving out some of the details, I followed her home, in a mobile home community, less than five miles away, in the middle of the night, to retrieve diapers and formula she had asked her husband to gather.  When I delivered the baby goods, I questioned the couple and found they could use some things I had a supply of and shared from my stock.  A church nearby gave them gas the next day, and they went on their way to a neighboring state where relatives lived who were willing to take them in.  Sometimes Divine intervenes and even shakes an automobile to get the attention of the occupant.  I could write a book! I’ve shared some of my experiences in articles on this site.

Once met a man at a truck stop who had surgery to remove some toes because of diabetes (a retired truck driver who was living out of his pickup truck). He made odds and ends of money by driving long-haul truck drivers to shop.  If a diabetic doesn’t have money for food, that’s a huge problem!  So I provided some food and money a few times.  One day I hadn’t planned to travel to that area, but Divine guided me otherwise.  I received more information on the way—that this man was in need immediately. I decided to stop by Walmart to buy him food first, but Divine instructed me to go straight to the truck stop.  I asked about and found this man. This diabetic man was so weak that had reached the point where he was considering rummaging through the garbage dumpster outside the fast food restaurant there for food (an almost unbearable thought for him).  Divine intervention.  They sent “an angel.”   He told everybody for two or three years afterward that I knew him and frequented the struck stop off and on that “an angel” saved his life.  When he finally got disability payments, etc., he continued living out of his truck because he would rather make truck payments and live out of it than to live in an apartment and not have transportation to get around.  I know that feeling!  He shared with others—food and money—once the disability income began coming in. I like to think maybe my giving to him and also to others that he witnessed was an example that influenced him.  Don’t all of us devoted to service like to think we have made a difference in our lives—if only in small ways?   

Sometimes I miss the “traveling angel” days so much that I weep—like as I wrote this piece.  However, there are benefits to having a comfortable home.  It’s the being without an automobile that makes it very difficult.

I guess the point I want to make here is that we can all do things to help people in need—whether a helping hand, a few dollars, physical assistance, a listening ear, or just a smile and “Hello, how are you?” for strangers. One doesn’t have to be wealthy to help the needy.  I wish I could do more, but every little bit helps.

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